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62,000 miles

2001 BMW M Coupe in Black Sapphire Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Black Sapphire Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S54

Seller Description

blk/blk, full adj coilovers, camberplates, custom 3.45lsd, eisenmann exhaust, uuc/m5 clutch/flywheel kit, sport button like m3, oem converted xenons, choice of stock rims, or forged ssr gt3 19s/tires for 1500 more, only 62k original miles, clean title, perfect carfax.

Previous Listing:
blacksapphire, blk int, tc kline coilovers, adj camber plates, metric mechanic 3.46lsd diff, poly bushings throughout susp, eisenmann exh, sport mode enabled (automatically thru key on, with button also!), ss lines, m5 clutch, uuc flywheel, e46 xenons, strong strut brace, pioneer cd, sirius radio, oem alarm/keyless, grey roadstars with toyos,
there's more im forgetting im sure. an absolute rocket slotcar u can drive daily or take to track!
clean title and carfax, just smogged, fresh tags!
recently inspected by BMW (shop foreman who knows these cars!) can give report (no glaring issues), perfect subframe/trunkfloor confirmed



Murrieta, CA

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8/16/11 Update - Seller commented below to add some information:

paintwork noted during recent ppi at bmw by shop foreman performing insp- prep lines visible rt rear qtr- orig panel, no welds/seams altered. clearcoat recently has a decent size crack on hood- possible colorsanding to correct both has not yet been looked into. other than that and crack at antenna base, paint/body look terrific- lustre, uniform, match, no overspray, etc. interior shots are of this car- knob recently changed to shorter zhp type, along with suede boot- BTW, an accusation of substituting photos is not taken lightly, though agreed quality sucks nonetheless! now I'll go ahead and say that of the multiple m coupes ive owned, this is the most highly modded and fully sorted, best driving and quickest example ive owned to date, priced very fairly IMHO, all things considered!

I agree the price is very fair, and I will eventually have most of those modifications on my coupe.

8/16/11 Update - Another slight price drop to $23,450 from $23,700

8/1/11 Update - Slight price drop to $23,700 from $23,800

7/19/11 Update - Heard from someone who saw it in person:

Paint was in pretty bad shape, as expected from the poor quality photos. The whole car was repainted. There were cracks on top of the hood and near the antennae. Driver side tail light had a small crack in it too. Rims had curb rash. Interior was clean, but the pics he posted are from a different coupe - his shift knob was chrome colored and worn down. The thing drove like a dream though!

This could explain how this coupe has not sold yet. I still think it has potential, but probably not the bargain I originally thought.

7/15/11 Update - Relisted with 1,000 more miles still at $23,800 and still a great deal.

6/30/11 Update - This coupe is back on the market at $23,800. It's still a great deal. No more mention of the BBS RGRs though.

3/27/11 Update - Posted a few more photos and a tiny price drop to $23,700 from $23,800

This looks like a very well sorted coupe. All of his modifications are very high end and about the best available. The price seems very reasonable to me if it's in good cosmetic condition. Just needs some better photos.

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