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SOLD on or around April 22, 2024

100,001 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2001 BMW M Coupe in Oxford Green 2 Metallic over Dark Beige Oregon
  • Exterior Color Oxford Green 2 Metallic
  • Interior Color Dark Beige Oregon
  • Engine S54
  • Other Attributes Subframe Reinforcement

Seller Description

Greetings fellow Dork/ Clown shoe owners and soon-to-be Dork owners! I need to find a new home for my Oxford Coupe. 

I'm selling to finance a sailboat I am having built (my other passion).

I've had this thrilling car for 6 years, and she's been an original California gal her whole life. The first two owners were in the same family (mother, then son). The third was Ronan O’Mahony.  I bought her from Ronan who had an enormous amount of work done on her to bring her into like new condition.  I'm the fourth owner. I acquired her with 82k miles, and the odometer now reads 98,500k miles.

Until recently, Nate of East Bay European in San Rafael and then Works Motorsports at Sears Point, a Z3 expert mechanic, continued maintenance of her after Ronan’s ownership and installed the new 3.46 limited slip differential and the Randy Forbes subframe kit.  There were, and are, no cracks in the frame.  I simply made the improvement to prevent any.  So, solid and intact subframe with no-cracks, and in thoroughly good mechanical shape but with minor slop in the 3.46 diff. The original diff, in good condition, is included in the sale.

Here are the details:
2001 M Coupe (Oxford Green / Beige) S54 motor completely stock apart from:

  • Randy Forbes subframe kit
  • Finned 3.46 LSD 
  • Metal clutch plate
  • Rear and toe camber adjustments welded in
  • Fog lights OEM
  • ZHP shifter knob
  • Leather Z gear level and handbrake covers
  • Removed the steel plate from the glovebox (no box sag)
  • BMW Traffic Pro fitted with new speakers/tweeters/sub speaker
  • OEM Z3 space saver tire kit (which fits and clears the ///M brakes)

Excellent Full Repaint under Ronan's knowledgeable ownership, and it still looks virtually new:
The car had a 3 month, windows out and panel removed repaint to correct a series of scratches and paint damaged by tree sap. The passenger side rear wing was dented so he had a new OEM one fitted. It is the only body part which is not original. I have all the receipts for the work, and new parts . The car was repainted by European Collision in San Francisco, after many months of 'interviewing' a suitable shop to perform the work. He dealt with one of the owners exclusively during this process and understood his attention to detail. Being a BMW enthusiast himself, he understood what Ronan was looking for.

During the repaint, he had all the window seals replaced, new badges, grilles, side vents on the hood. He also had the roof rails and spoiler color matched which makes the car look a little bit more modern (similar to how these items are painted on the E46 3-series).

The wheels were also refinished in chrome shadow (not OEM chrome shadow paint, but powder coating which is more durable) , and new Continental DW tires (less than 1 year old). 

Maintenance and Care:
The previous owner only put 6k miles on the car and changed the oil annually. He switched from Castrol to Motul oil after speaking to many BMW race engine builders who saw less bearing failure on cars run with Motul. He had Blackstone lab reports showing normal wear details for this engine.

I have put 16,500 miles on the car and have changed the oil every 2500 miles using the oil specified for the car; LiquiMoly SAE 10W-60 Synthetic race Tech GT1. I have an excellent recent  Blackstone report.

The clutch was replaced by the owner before Ronan, and he replaced the master and slave cylinders.

I have replaced the radiator and several hoses, the only mechanical failure during my ownership apart from the unreliable roof lift. (I never used it).

Brand new Continental tires.

The car was garaged in a private garage under Ronan’s ownership, and not even driven by him in any rain.  I have driven the car perhaps 200 miles in the rain and she has been in my private garage while I have owned her.

I have some rare parts for the car.

Extras included with the sale of the car:

  • Two Italian car covers (indoor and outdoor)
  • The rear shocks are koni yellows with rogue mounts. The fronts are still original (but have great rebound and control) and I will include the new koni inserts and a spare pair of E36 housings modified to fit the koni inserts.
  • Actuator for roof, a very rare part.
  • Sunroof cover.
  • OEM ///M trunk carpet and floor mats
  • Trim for trunk
  • Spare front and rear wheels (one of each and needing paint to match).
  • Space saver spare wheel.
  • Spare race brake discs used only one day.
  • Roof rack (not fitted, never used)
  • Original diff in good condition…switched out of choice not need


  • Rashed rear right wheel.
  • Unreliable roof retraction (hence new actuator included worth $.... if you can find one).
  • Passenger airbag light is illuminated, a common problem.
  • Stereo has some static sometimes.

Overall condition:

I would rate the car overall at an 8/10, with some minor drivers and passenger seat bolster wear as the only signs of the cars mileage. A very smart driver that is a near unicorn in her color and engine combination which means she will probably continue to increase in value..

Please Email me for interest and help me find the right home for her!
Thanks for looking .

Asking $59,500. She is unique enough that I feel no need to put her on Bring-a-Trailer as I sure she will find the right buyer within this group.


Mill Valley, CA

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Posted: 4/22/2024 8:52:35 PM by Jon Martin

Off the market

Posted: 4/8/2024 1:45:00 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $51,500 from $52,500

Posted: 3/29/2024 4:21:25 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $52,500 from $55,000 which I think is now a good deal. Get it before it goes to Bring a Trailer!

Posted: 3/21/2024 2:19:18 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $55,000 from $57,500

Posted: 2/28/2024 11:12:27 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $57,500 from $59,500

Posted: 11/27/2023 10:02:26 PM by Jon Martin

Added a brand new maintenance record from the shop of Bill Arnold, a well-known BMW mechanic in northern California. All recommended servicing was performed.

Posted: 10/26/2023 8:13:20 PM by Jon Martin

The seller is back in the country and the coupe is back on the market.

Posted: 6/15/2022 1:38:15 PM by Jon Martin

Off the market until November

Posted: 5/18/2022 2:43:49 PM by Jon Martin

It's very rare to come across one of the 10 oxford green S54s (1 of 6 with beige interior). I've seen this one in person after it's repaint way back when, and it looked pretty amazing. It seems like it's only gotten better in the hands of the current owner. The Randy Forbes kit, 3.46 diff and rear camber/toe adjusters are all nice plusses. The price seems ok to me for such a rare, nicely sorted opportunity.

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