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SOLD on or around April 26, 2013

63,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2001 BMW M Coupe in Black Sapphire Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Black Sapphire Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S54
  • Other Attributes Subframe Reinforcement

Seller Description

For sale is my 2001 BMW M Coupe. It's one of 678 built and one of 66 in this configuration. I've only owned this for 6 months, and it was (and maybe still is) my intention to export this to Belgium when I move back home. However, to do that, I will need to put the car on a ship for a month, and then leave it stored for another 3-6 months for the importation process. I don't know if I'm ready to do that. If it were easier or if I would be staying here for longer I wouldn't even think of selling it. Plus the law over there just changed making it more interesting for me to import a 25 year or older car.

The car is in top notch condition to do what it was intended to do, that is being driven.

2001 BMW M Coupe (E36/8)
Sapphire Black on Black/Black
S54B32 engine
5-speed ZF gearbox
3.15 stock differential
63xxx miles (and climbing a little every day)
VIN on request
Clean AZ Title

All stock except for:
-Randy Forbes single ear differential mount and trunk floor reinforcement, convertable to dual ear. I did the single ear mount to keep the car as stock looking as possible when importing it. I have the dual ear mounts that can be welded in.
-OE euro headers, Original parts included
-Custom Performance midpipe with HJS200-cell cats (no CEL, post-cat sensors and EGT sensor still on car and operating). Original midpipe included.
-Epic Motorsports S54 tune. 8000rpm,and the pedal feel is day and night improved vs the stock pedal. I actually worked with them and went through 4 different tunes before I was happy. Have original ECU file saved.
-Fikse FM10s, 18x8.5 et38 and 18x10et19 with a 12mm spacer. Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires in 245/35r18 and 265/35r18 with less than 1000 miles. The wheels were used when I bought them, I had two barrels repaired by AZTrueWheel and polished the lips myself. So they do not look show-ready. One center is a little scratched. Stock Shadowline Roadstars with used but still driveable Michelin Pilot A/S tires in stock sizes included with car.

Recent maintenance (in the last 6months)

Done by Randy Forbes in FL:

-Subframe Reinforcement with OEM differential bushing
-Coated set of rod bearings installed
-Seat bushings done

This work is all documented in a gallery on Randy's site. There is evidence of repairs in the rear right trunk floor, but that was done correctly.

Done by Alex Vaughan in Tempe, AZ:
-Detent pins and shifter bushings replaced
-New Sachs OEM clutch and throwout bearing installed with original flywheel done “while we're in here”

Clutch line replaced with a Zionsville SS line
Brakes and clutch fluid flushed with ATE Blue fluid

Items that keep it from being a showcar:
-Front bumper has some rockchipping/pitting
-Door ding in driver side door (from PO)
-Scratches on rear bumper below hatch and just behind driver side door
-Slight wear on the driver's side bolster

I've basically fixed everything I thought was not optimal on the car when I bought it. There are still some fasteners missing in the trunk, but everything I do now is detail improvement. The big things should be taken care of for the next decade of driving. The only mayor thing I haven't tackled yet is a valve adjustment, but the motor runs very quiet for an s54. I think all the work done more than justifies the price.

I don't need to sell the car, and possibly I will just import it despite the amount of paperwork and waiting that that will cause. So while I may be very slightly negotiable I don't know that it's going to be much. Trades are probably a no-go except for maybe a Porsche 911 G50 Carrera Coupe or an original 2002 (cash on your side in both cases).

With that, my asking price is $33,000


Phoenix, AZ

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Posted: 4/26/2013 5:35:05 PM by Jon Martin

Sold! Congrats to the new Canadian owner!

Posted: 4/21/2013 8:46:17 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $29,000 with just the roadstars and $30,500 with the Fikse.

Posted: 4/12/2013 11:48:19 PM by Jon Martin

Can now be had for $31,000 with stock roadstars and without the Fikse wheels.

Posted: 4/10/2013 11:48:50 PM by Jon Martin

There's definitely no expense spared, and like the ad says, it shoudl be good to go for a long time to come. The bearings and subframe kit being done by Randy himself is even better. The price is high for the mileage, but I think it's fair for such a well sorted coupe with high end upgrades and maintenance.

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