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SOLD on or around July 2, 2017

99,950 miles

Asking Price: $24,995
2000 BMW M Coupe in Cosmos Black Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Cosmos Black Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

Didn't think I would be doing this again, but it is time to put the 2nd M-Coupe I have owned up for sale. Some life changes have necessitated the sale. The car basically needs nothing...just pick it up and drive her! I originally bought the 2000 M-Coupe from Mr. Z3 in Ventura in November 2014...found the car via the MCoupeBuyersGuide website. This car was initially going to be Mr. Z3's (Mark) daily driver but he was willing to see it go to another enthusiast! I'm asking $27,995. Car has a clean CarFax, passed smog in Nov 2016, and has no major outstanding issues to address. Magnaflow mufflers are installed (quite loud), but I'll include the original OEM mufflers with the sale. Also includes the rare LeatherZ sunroof shade! Continental ExtremeContact DW tires are in GREAT shape (8k miles on them, easily get another 10-15k). I purchased car with 91k miles and it now has 99k...only about 8k miles in about 2.5 years. I've never tracked the car, but not sure if previous owner before Mark did. Rear sub-frame has been recently inspected and shows no tears or issues.

Here is a summary of what was done since Mark took possession of the car from the previous owner in Las Vegas and then what I have done to the car since I purchased it. Car has been maintained exclusively by my mechanic at Tri-Star Motorsports in Roseville, CA. I have all the paperwork for what Mr. Z3 did and for what I have done.

General Info:
Year - 2000
Make - BMW
Model - M-Coupe
Exterior Color - Cosmos Black
Interior Color - Black Nappa Leather
VIN - WBSCM9347YLC61734
Engine - S52 3.2L (240Hp)
Production Date - 12/1999
Production Stat - 1 of 2180 Produced with S52 Engine, 1 of 130 Produced in this color/option combination
CarFax - Clean, no issues reported

All Mods:

- H&R sport springs + Bilstein Sport shocks
- UUC Titanium shift knob
- Tinted windows - Unsure the %
- Rear view mirror adapter + smaller rear-view mirror
- Front OEM splash guards
- Rogue Engineering clutch stop
- Rogue Engineering stainless steel clutch line
- Rogue Engineering delrin clutch pedal bushing
- Dice audio input in place of CD Changer
- LeatherZ padded door armrests
- LeatherZ passenger door leather thumb tab
- LeatherZ sunroof shade
- OEM center cup holders + padded arm rest
- ESC Tuning wheel spacers: 10mm front and 17.5mm rear
- Magnaflow axle back exhaust (OEM included with car)
- Pioneer TS-G1345R 5.25" rear roof speakers
- OPT7 LED headlights
- Clear front bumper and side marker lights
- OEM magnetic rock guards
- Continental ExtremeContact DW tires: Front = 225/45R17, Rear = 255/40R17
- Silver painted brake calipers
- Black custom license plate: MPHORIA (you are welcome to transfer this to your name if you want)
- OEM Black M license plate frame
- OEM M trunk mat
- OEM Z3 map pocket pouch

Maintenance Completed by previous owner and myself:
(You can also see complete maintenance log here -

- 2/12/14
Dent Doctor - front and rear bumper repaint

- 2/25/14 (87704 miles)
Replaced engine belts
Replaced alternator tensioner and idler pulley
Replaced power steering line
Replaced various hoses
Flush and replace brake fluid

- 3/3/14 (88158 miles)
Oil change + Filter - Castrol Syntec 5W30
Replaced oxygen sensor

- 3/12/14
Replaced front BMW badge w/OEM
Replaced side M emblems w/OEM
Replaced front M floor mats w/OEM

- 4/9/14 (88641 miles)
Replaced right front tie rod assembly
4 wheel alignment

-4/22/14 (88685 miles)
Replaced all 4 rotors (Euro floating)
New pads (not sure of brand)
Calipers painted silver
Replaced missing locking tab {51-71-8-215-962}

- 5/9/14
Repair leather on front seats

- 5/23/14
Replaced Radio/CD with OEM unit

- 9/5/14 (89940 miles)
Replaced spark plugs
Replaced AC belt tensioner
Replaced driver's seat bushings (4)

- 10/14/14 (89947 miles)
Rebuild of cylinder head due to steam from tail pipes + coolant in cylinder #4
Head gasket + valve cover gaskets
Oil change + Filter - Castrol Syntec 5W30
Flush + replace coolant w/OEM fluid


- 11/18/14 (90970 miles)
Replaced alternator w/OEM {12-31-1-405-918}
Replaced battery w/OEM {61-21-2-353-806}
Installed clear front bumper marker lights

- 11/24/14 (91013 miles)
New Continental ExtremeContact DW tires {Front = 225/45R17, Rear = 255/40R17}

- 12/11/14
Replace blown rear roof speakers with Pioneer TS-G1345R 5.25" speakers
Replace 6 missing spring nuts to hold front mesh grill in place {64-11-1-364-257}
Replace 2 missing interior trim screw cover caps {72-11-8-119-186}
Replace 2 missing cargo area locking buttons {51-46-8-401-895}
Replace 2 bulbs behind HVAC controls {61-13-8-353-797}
Replace missing driver side seat belt anchor cap {72-11-8-119-186}
Installed 4 M valve stem caps - Gift from the wife...I like them!

- 12/13/14
Installed Magnaflow 14815 mufflers

- 12/23/14 (91443 miles)
Install Rogue clutch stop
Replaced clutch pedal bushings with Rogue Delrin
Flush & replace transmission fluid with Pentosin MTF2
Replaced clutch line with Rogue stainless steel line
M keychain
Black M license plate frame

- 1/3/15
Fixed rear cargo light not coming on when hatch was open (plug was unplugged)
Addressed a few rattles/squeaks in cargo area
"Fixed" silver engine cover paint that had rubbed off
Fixed passenger side gill that was not 100% flush with fender/hood
Removed hood insulation (was brittle and somewhat deformed, looked ugly)

- 1/5/15
Adjusted driver side hatch bump stop to eliminate hatch rattle.
Installed new black BMW OEM ///M license plate frame and plate

- 1/25/15
Clutch pedal started squeaking. Found the spring wasn't quite seated properly on its base. Got it positioned correctly, squeak gone!

- 6/25/15
Installed LeatherZ sunroof sunshade.

- 6/30/15
Had PDR (Paintless Dent Repair) done on the 2 door panels. Look fantastic now!

- 7/2/15
Rear air ducts replaced.
ECS spacers went on. 10mm front and 17.5mm rear.

- 7/8/15
Replaced missing valve cover "beauty cap".

- 8/9/15
Restored the tri-color steering wheel stitching using Shout and toothbrush

- 8/15/15
Air filter replaced with OEM paper filter

- 8/19/15
Oil & Filter change

- 8/19/15 [94003 miles]
Had the rear fender lips rolled. NO more rubbing with the 17.5mm spacers now!

- 9/24/15 [94072 miles]
After almost a year of waiting FINALLY got my black 1960's Legacy CA license plate!

- 10/8/16 [96912 miles]
Replaced rear hatch struts.
Replaced the 4 wheel center caps with new OEM BMW caps. The new ones I lined up perfectly with the M badges on the wheels.
Removed the rear hatch trim panel, replaced all the white clips. Also used felt tape and taped the hell out of every plastic on plastic area I could find.
Replaced front wipers with Bosch ICON blades.
Applied the OEM BMW logo sticker on my steering wheel.
Replaced a few more missing screw caps inside the car.
Replaced a missing clip in the plastic cowl at the base of the windshield.
Added the magnetic stone guards to the rear fenders.

- 10/14/16 [96936 miles]
Oil, oil filter, and air filter changed. All OEM BMW. Reset maintenance counter.
Differential oil replaced with Redline 75w140.
Cleaned Idle Control Valve.
Replaced air intake boot.
Replaced flex disc (guibo), center sleeve bushing, and shift arm bushing.
Replaced transmission mounts.
Replaced 2 x O2 sensors. 1 of the 2 Bosch sensors was defective however.

- 10/16/16 [96942 miles]
Replaced rear M badge sticker with a new one from Never Done Garage.

- 10/27/16 [97121 miles]
The 1 defective O2 sensor from ECS was replaced today. Check engine light is off!

- 11/2/16 [97174 miles]
Installed OPT7 LED headlight bulbs.
Replaced driver's side seat belt tensioner cable. This resolved the air bag light issue.

- 11/11/16 [97274 miles]
Smog check completed. PASSED with no issues!

In Summary:
I'd give the exterior condition a 8/10 and interior 10/10. Car has ALWAYS been garaged (I work at home) since I purchased and I ALWAYS use a windshield sunscreen when I'm out and about and parked. I also have never taken the car to an automatic car wash, ALWAYS hand wash. If I had to list a few of the items that I would want to fix to make the car PERFECT they would be:
- Repaint of front/rear bumpers. They aren't bad, but these cars seem particularly prone to rock chips.
- Replace windshield. Its original and has pitting after almost 18 years.
- Refinish wheels to remove the small amount of curb rash on 2 of the wheels (wasn't done by me! I'm paranoid of curbs)



Roseville, CA

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Posted: 7/2/2017 12:12:55 AM by Jon Martin

Sale pending

Posted: 6/21/2017 9:08:44 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $24,995 from $25,500

Posted: 6/18/2017 11:54:21 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $25,500 from $26,000

Posted: 6/9/2017 8:20:19 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $26,000 from $26,995

Posted: 5/25/2017 1:05:06 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $26,995 from $27,995 which is better

Posted: 5/15/2017 8:28:41 AM by Jon Martin

This is pretty much the definition of a get-in-and-drive coupe. All of the needed maintenance has been performed by either Mr. Z3 or the current owner. It's in excellent condition for the mileage too.

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