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SOLD on or around July 2, 2010

34,200 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2000 BMW M Coupe in Titanium Silver Metallic over Dark Gray & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Dark Gray & Black Nappa
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

I can't believe I'm doing this, but it's time to sell the "garage car" as I've gotten into motorcycles now and just don't drive this much anymore. It's an amazing vehicle and absolute performance bargain for the money. Yes, this car only has a bit over 34,000 miles on it and an extended warranty that was good for 125,000(!) which hasn't been used once. 100% reliable with the only mechanical "repair" being back at 7,167 miles when the oxygen sensor was replaced. Car is stock except for short-throw shifter (have original) and aluminum drilled pedals. Starts up every time on the first crank, doesn't burn any oil and gets great gas mileage (19/26mpg) for the performance (0-60mph 5.1 sec, 155mph top speed). 2,000 miles on Bridgestone RE01's. If you haven't driven an M Coupe, you don't know what your missing - very different from an M3 (think Porsche 911). And you certainly won't see yourself at every corner as only 2,500 of these wonderful machines were produced. Truly the ultimate driving machine!


Boulder, CO

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Sold 7/2/10 - Craigslist and Roadfly ads are gone No idea of sales price.

6/8/10 Update - This car got a great review from mitch14 on Bimmerforums:

If you are looking for a mint, no accident, low mileage s52 M Coupe, this would be the one IMO (only if you like silver, which some people don't) I have no affiliation with the seller, i was actually very interested in purchasing the car until recently when i decided it's a little too much money for me right now, and i needed to start putting some money away instead. I must have about 20 emails back and forth with the seller from May 27th till today. All the following information is that which i have obtained from the seller, and i'm trying to not repeat any of the stuff he listed in the ad, so this is in addition to the details he put there

So lets start with the Bad: (which there is not much of)
 - Issue with the alarm at 5929 miles, which was fixed
 - Button on hatch doesn't work, need to use the key then turn to open the hatch (i have seen this problem on the forum before, probably a fix here somewhere)
 - Glovebox sag (follow the fixes on this forum)
 - Front wheels have about 1 or 2 inches total of curb marks (seller says if he was going to keep the car, he'd get the wheels refinished... that's how particular he is)
 - there have been minor door dings, but they have been touched up and he says you can only tell by the paint if you look real closely at it, and they were all removed so the body is perfectly straight

The Good: (there is probably things i am going to leave out, because there are many good things)
 - 3 owners, all adult owned, from his knowledge the first owner was a car collector and the second was a woman who had to sell the car because she was getting divorced
 - The warranty is still good and transferable
 - comes with a space saver spare tire and BMW jack in case you want an actual backup tire
 - replaced badges because the old ones faded over time
 - he did have the 30k service done at a BMW dealership
 - never driven in rain or snow by the current owner (was in Seattle before he bought it)]
 - not a daily driver for the current owner, he owns a land rover to take when the roads aren't so nice
 - rear wheels refinished last year
 - major service done at BMW
 - The service and mileage stuff he told me was backed up by the CarFax report i did on the car anyways

Like i said this sounds like an amazing car, with a very helpful and polite seller, i hope someone picks up this beauty and treats it as good as it's apparently been treated up until now.

This seems to be in great condition with a caring owner who seems to have an understanding of the car. It's kind of vague about whether or not the warranty is still current, but it would be a nice plus if it was. It has low miles, has new tires and is pretty much stock. I think the main issue may be that there are currently 3 silver coupes listed in the Denver area priced within $5 of eachother. Of the three, this would be my pick.

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