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SOLD on or around November 11, 2012

96,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1999 BMW M Coupe in Estoril Blue Metallic over Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Estoril Blue Metallic
  • Interior Color Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

The M Coupe will always hold a special place in my heart. I've continually owned my first M Coupe for 11 years now and always said I'll never get rid of it. As I was searching for another car to add nothing ever struck me the way the M Coupe did, so I always wondered, "well maybe I'll just buy another M Coupe!" For the last year I've been fortunate enough to own two M Coupes. While the idea was always romantic, and it's always a bit fun to think, "hmmm which color do I want to drive today?" I've come to realize that it's mostly just redundant. Yesterday I closed the deal on an Aston Martin Vantage, which just got on a trailer in New York and is headed to Portland. With that, I have no where to put this car! I don't NEED the money from this car, but I'm still selling it at a VERY reasonable price for the mileage due to my desire to just move it (I have 7 vehicles right now...). If it doesn't go at this price I'll just store it at a friend's garage. I contemplated which one to sell, the red or the blue (especially considering the blue has 30,000 less miles!), but I just have too many memories with the red one to let it go, so the blue it is.

I've always been an advocate for these cars, and know lots about them. I was one of the most frequent posters over at the M Coupe board on roadfly in its heyday (my handle was dbp), and I developed a blog back before the time of blogs detailing the M Coupe trips, mods, and videos of track days in the red one. That website is (yeah yeah, I know I haven't updated it in over 5 years! Priority shifts...). I am very open and honest about the condition of this car.

This Estoril Blue M Coupe was owned by one of my best friends since 2005, and I purchased it from him last year, so I've known the car well. Please check the photos to see what the car looks like. It has the following mods:

Angel eye, HID headlights
Rear wiper delete
Chrome Z8 windshield washer nozzles
H&R Sport springs
12mm spacers all around
Whalen Shift Machine knob
SuperSprint exhaust with Magnum tips

Otherwise it's stock. A few notes on those: First, the exhaust. I have a B&B exhaust on my red M Coupe, and really wanted to swap the SuperSprint with the B&B (I've been listening to the same M Coupe sound for 10 years so I kind of like the SuperSprint difference). If I can sell the car within a week at my asking price I'll leave the SuperSprint on there. Otherwise I'm going to put the B&B Tri-flow on the blue car for sale. Or, if you prefer the B&B we can do it anyway.

I have the stock wiper arm and motor, and everything needed to plug that back in (though I've not confirmed its function). I've not missed it, personally, and much prefer the cleaner look of the rear end.

H&R Springs: I can't stand the way the M Coupe looks sitting at stock height, so the very first thing I did to this one was put H&R springs on it and added the spacers to improve handling and fill in the wheel wells. Without also doing shocks the ride is a little harsher than ideal. I love the way it sits, though, and for me it's worth it. Others may find it a bit harsh and twitchy. I still have the stock springs if you'd prefer to return it to stock (I'll even help you do that if you're local).

Car condition: The car is fully sorted and in perfect shape to drive every day. I have 120,000+ miles on the red M Coupe and it has given me virtually ZERO problems. It will remain my daily driver once the Aston gets here. This blue car has what feels like an even stronger powertrain than the red car. It just drives beautifully and the engine feels stronger than the other. I just changed the oil less than 1000 miles ago. The brake pads are virtually new all around. I know I have at least a nother set of stock front pads (maybe rear) lying around that I can include if you like. This car has not had the subframe reinforced and has no subframe issues noted (nor does my red one).

Cosmetically this car is in fine shape, though it is definitely a driven, used car. As seen in the photos it is beautiful and gets tons of stairs and comments, but it's not a museum piece. There are some minor dings here and there, all of which are visible in the photos. I'll do my best to enumerate the ones I know about off hand: Both doors have minor crease marks (like someone opened the door into something), I'm responsible for the minor 1/2" ding in the middle of the hood, having left a wrench on the radiator before closing it (doh!), and the front and rear bumper have a couple spots where the paint is cracked 1-2". All these things are visible in the photos (though you'll likely need the full res ones). The wheels look fine from a distance (again, check the photos), but all of them have some form of either scratches or minor curb rash. The inevitable question of has it been in any accidents: yes it has (hey my red one has been hit 6! times, and is still flawless after repair; people seem to have a hard time seeing these cars). One shows up on the car fax from 2003 that I know nothing about, and the other wasn't something that got noted at that level. The hood and bumpers have been repaired as part of fixing it. These cars are notorious for difficulty with the body panel gaps, and as you can see in these photos, this car has some body panel gaps, primarily around the hood. It's stuff that no one ever notices except me, when I point it out to them.

During a windshield wiper change once my friend did the ol slam the spring loaded blade into the windsheild thing and it made a little star crack. It has been this way for years and has not grown. From within the passenger compartment you can barely even see this, only about 1 inch of it at the very bottom of the windsheild.

The interior is in fine shape, but again, used. The biggest used part is the seat bolsters on the driver's side. Other than that, nothing is out of the ordinary. It definitely has the common rattles coming from the rear. On my site linked above you can read how I cured my red M Coupe of this using felt tape. I haven't gone through that exercise with this car.

I hold the clean, unbranded title in my hand. You can see a scanned copy of it below (with privacy portions blurred). When I was in my search for the Aston Martin I subscribed to Carfax and when I had extra reports to run, I just ran one on this car. So to save you the expense, here it is. I was shocked to see a couple pieces of info that make no sense considering I hold the clean title. The glaring issue is that it says it has a branded title for "exceeds mechanical limits." Say what?? The odometer on this car goes up to A MILLION miles. And it's totally inconsistent with the mileage checks on the carfax. Then there's this potential 4000 mile odometer rollback in the year 2000. I don't know what that's about, the carfax is the first I heard of it. If someone was to roll back the odometer I don't know why they'd do it with a new car, and only 4,000 miles, when they continued to then own it for another two years. I wonder if people just recorded the mileage incorrectly at the checks? Who knows... regardless, as I stated, I'm holding the UNBRANDED Oregon title in my hand. Another thing to note here is that my friend is "Owner 4", who purchased it in 2005. In reality he owned it until I bought it from him in 2011, but there was a legal title move to another friend of ours (owner 5) during some financial struggles to try and hide the car. Owner 6 is the same as owner 4, as this was just a paper move.

Again, it's priced to move it this week. The Vantage arrives in 5-6 days. As an amusing side note, in 2006 when the Aston Martin Vantage came out I was very serious about the car and test drove one. Read my writeup of what I said here, comparing it to the M Coupe. It's true, I have no doubt that the M Coupe would be 1-2 seconds faster around the track. But reality is I haven't tracked my M Coupe in years, so I guess I'm the poseur I originally mentioned in 2006, as my priorities have now shifted. :-) While I wrote I didn't have to lust after it any more after driving it, I've remained lustful for 6 years... time for the move, and the blue 'Coupe will vacate some space.

All of the "good" photos were taken within two days of this initial listing, so they are an accurate representation.


Portland, OR

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Sold 11/11/12 - Sale pending!

It is obviously owned by an enthusiast, and I will say I've read his blog on serveral occasions. It's definitely been well taken care of and it has some good upgrades. I'd recommend putting the stock springs back in or else upgrading the shocks/struts to Bistiens. I've talked to two people who have later got back into coupse after having traded their original ones in for Aston Martin V8 Vantages, so it's a good thing he's holding on to one of his :-). The title thing is kind of weird, so it's great that he posted his clean title. He's definitely honest with any flaws, so you know what you're getting. I think the price is pretty decent.

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