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SOLD on or around December 12, 2014

152,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2001 BMW M Coupe in Estoril Blue Metallic over Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Estoril Blue Metallic
  • Interior Color Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Engine S54
  • Other Attributes Sunroof-Delete

Seller Description

Time has come to sell my 01 M Coupe. Estoril blue/blue and black interior. Rare non-sunroof car. Car is 13 years old, has 150,000 miles. It isn't new, but it isn't beat or ragged out either. The front end has its fair share of rock chips but the paint overall still shines beautiful! The interior has its normal drivers side bolster wear, but also has a few "uhhos". I was getting in the car last year and caught the seat belt buckle just right and it put a slit in the drivers seat back approx. 1inch in length. I've gotten used to it, but I know its there. Also, the headliner started to sag and will need to be repaired/replaced to be perfect. Who looks at the roof of the car when driving anyways, right? The P/O had the suspension installed, Koni shocks/struts and HR springs. The front struts have camber/caster plates installed and unfortunately the reinforcement plates were not reinstalled and the front strut towers started to crack. I have since installed the OEM reinforcements and haven't noticed any more damage. There are also racing dynamic swaybars installed, and the rear mounts for the sway bar have been reinforced. I put on the 19" staggered AC Schnitzer rims and they have no curb rash The rear tires are good, and fronts will need to be replaced probably next year some time( Yokohamas) I do have the factory wheels, but the finish was horrible and I painted them orange for a track day. You can have 'em, but they need to be refinished. As far as engine performance goes, the car is pretty well sorted. Cat-less headers are on the car( I have the original if you want them) with BB Triflow muflers. Car sounds great, definitely loud. I have turner motorsport software for cat-less cars so the SES light remains off. A UUC Lightweight flywheel and e34 M5 clutch are installed and the clutch was replaced this spring.

Maintenance and other items replaced in the last ~ 5 years:
Water pump, thermostat, radiator, hoses, fan clutch. Fan clutch seized and wore the bearings out of the water pump. Only replaced the thermostat and radiator/hoses because I was in there and didn't want to do it twice. Spark plugs, valve adjustment were done about 2 years ago. Transmission and differential fluid were replaced within the last 2 years as well. Oil/filter has always been changed between 5,000 and 7,500 miles. When I bought the car the instrument cluster crashed and a new one was installed. However, the mileage would not transfer from old cluster to new cluster so there is a label in the door jam stating mileage was 114,000 when cluster was replaced. All new brakes, pads/rotors/sensors and brake flush were done shortly after I bought the car, and appear to have about half-thickness on the pads. Clutch master and slave cylinders were also replaced.

Now for the obvious that everyone wants to know:
No. Rod bearings have not been replaced. The car has 150,000 miles, no noises, etc. I've never seen any signs of failure during oil changes and figure if they've lasted this long then they are fine! I would not hesitate to take this cross country or do whatever.
Yes. Rear subframe has a crack. It had a crack when I bought it and I tracked the car a handful of times and it never got worse. Recently I've noticed it growing, but its still maybe 3/4 in long. I was planning on having it welded and not worrying about it. I can have this done if somebody wishes it be done upon purchase.

That's the basic run down. As I said, its not perfect but it really is a great car and still gets tons of compliments and great conversation piece. I hate to sell it but it's time for somebody else to enjoy it as much as I have!


Wichita, KS

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Posted: 12/12/2014 10:46:51 AM by Jon Martin

Listing removed; looks like it sold

Posted: 10/2/2014 9:59:11 AM by Jon Martin

Back on the market with a couple more miles and a big price reduction to $15,500 from $18,500. It definitely needs some TLC, but could be a good deal for someone looking for a light project. It is an S54 sunroof-delete after all.

Posted: 6/13/2014 9:44:01 PM by Jon Martin listing was deleted. No confirmation on Bimmerforums yet, but I think it may have sold.

Posted: 5/20/2014 9:51:16 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $18,500 from $20,500 which is fair

Posted: 5/15/2014 9:42:58 PM by Jon Martin

Price dropped to $20,500 from $21,500 on Bimmerforums. The front strut tower cracks and rear subframe crack are worrisome though.

Posted: 5/11/2014 8:21:26 PM by Jon Martin

Back on the market. Mileage is up to 150k from 141k, but the price is down to $21,500 from $24,000 which I think is fair for the color combo and condition. The new photos look great, and it definitely does not show it's high mileage. The estoril over estoril sunroof-delete S54 is a great combo too.

Older Comments by Jon Martin

It definitely is rare to come across an estoril blue S54 sunroof-delete. I think it's just the 3rd one I've come across. The miles are obviously on the high side for an S54, but it seems to have been very well maintained by someone who knows what they are doing. I'm guessing the aesthetic issues mentioned are more minor than described, but the seller is just being very honest. The paint looks fantastic in the photos. There have not been many comparable cars to compare this one too price-wise, but I think it's fair to the right buyer.

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