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LC60484 - 1999 Cosmos Black over Imola Red

In Progress
  • HOST Jon Martin, Fort Collins, CO
  • YEAR 1999
  • EXTERIOR Cosmos Black Metallic
  • INTERIOR Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • PRODUCTION September 8, 1998
  • RARITY 1 of 11

I have a long history with this coupe. When I first saw it listed back in 2010, I took a good, long look at it before deciding to hold out for a steel gray coupe. I love the color combo, but what really makes it special is the Euro S50B32 engine that was swapped into it. As far as I know, it's the only coupe in the U.S. right now that has a successful swap. What makes the engine special is that it has the high revving character and power of the S54 with the throttle cable (and response) of the S52. Since 2010 I've become great friends with the owner and even got to do a previous Dorkfest drive in this coupe. When a family member spun it into some bushes late last year, I thought what more worthy project could there be than getting it back on the road? My hope is to be able to keep this as a second coupe or a guest coupe. So few US M Coupe lovers have ever gotten to experience the S50 engine. Now those that come to visit are welcome to take it for a spin. Once it's back on the road that is.


  • Date February 2, 2020
  • Mileage 145,136 miles
  • Location Oakland, CA


  • Date Available January 1, 2100
  • Current Mileage 145,700 miles
  • Progress 46%

Project Tasks


  • Broken Rear Diff Cover
  • Broken Right Front Strut
  • Broken Right Front Stabilizer Link
  • Driver Door Airbag Activated


  • Driver Headlight Out
  • Driver Tail Lights Out
  • Cracked Door Handle Gaskets
  • Chipped Bumper Lights
  • Dented Passenger Rear Quarter Panel
  • Cracked Front Bumper
  • Broken Front Grill
  • Broken Passenger Side Panel
  • Hatch Brake Light Out
  • Faded ///M Stickers
  • Broken Front Left Wheel Housing
  • Broken Front Right Wheel Housing
  • Broken Hatch Button


  • Broken Central Locking
  • Dome Lights Out
  • Faded Seat Belt Buckles
  • Oil Temp Gauge Light Bulb Out
  • HVAC Light Bulb Out
  • Driver Door Panel Leather Torn (Airbag)
  • Missing Subwoofer Cover
  • Broken Hatch Door Trim Panel
  • Cracked BBS Rear Wheel


  • BMW Engine Swap (S50B32)
  • BMW Differential (3.73)
  • Rear Differential Mount Reinforcement
  • TC Kline Coilovers (S/A)
  • Supersprint Euro Headers
  • B&B Exhaust (Triflow)
  • BMW Euro Center Section with Cats
  • ECIS Intake
  • Ireland Engineering Subframe Bushings (Green)
  • UUC Stainless Steel Clutch Line
  • UUC Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • BMW Euro Floating Brake Rotors
  • UUC Short Shift Kit
  • UUC Shift Knob
  • ProjectorZ Headlights with HID and Halo (v1)
  • Whalen Seat Bushings
  • BMW Euro Radiator with SPAL Electric Fan
  • Mocal Oil Cooler
  • Rear Wiper Delete
  • Black Kidney Grills
  • Aluminum Pedals
  • BBS Wheels (CH 18")


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Jon Martin
Fort Collins, CO