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LC60450 - 1999 Estoril Blue over Black

  • HOST Jon Martin, Fort Collins, CO
  • YEAR 1999
  • EXTERIOR Estoril Blue Metallic
  • INTERIOR Black Nappa
  • PRODUCTION September 14, 1998
  • RARITY 1 of 35

This coupe was unique in that the previous owner offered to drive it to me; all the way from Pennsylvania. It worked out well. He got one last road trip, and I got free shipping. I was specifically looking for an estoril Project Coupe this round as I had managed to never have an estoril blue Project Coupe before. While in my possession, I will say that I now understand all the excitement over the color. It really is beautiful in person, and I got a lot of compliments on it when I had it out and about.

It was always well taken care of by enthusiasts and had nice upgrades like IE subframe bushings, Shark Injector software, and a UUC short shifter when I received it. It also had a pretty good maintenance history. Most of the projects were maintenance odds and ends to address aging parts rather than to fix anything that was previous broken. Those are the best kinds of projects.

The new owner is taking it to the next level with coilovers, exhaust, projector headlights, and I'm excited to see what else.


  • Date August 8, 2018
  • Mileage 70,036 miles
  • Location Bethlehem, PA


  • Date April 30, 2019
  • Mileage 73,256 miles
  • New Home Birmingham, MI

Project Tasks


  • Replace Tail Light Bulb
  • Adjust Coilover Height
  • Replace Flex Disc (Giubo)
  • Replace Clutch Hose and Slave Cylinder
  • Replace Transmission Fluid


  • Replace Door Handle Gaskets
  • Replace ///M badge stickers
  • Replace Tail Light Bulb
  • Replace License Plate Light Bulb
  • Repaint Bumpers, Hood, Driver Rear Fender
  • Paintless Dent Removal on Driver Door
  • Repair Inoperable Sunroof


  • Replace Worn Seat Bushings
  • Repair Sagging Glovebox
  • Replace Light Bulbs in Center Console and Gauge Cluster
  • Replace Missing Trim Buttons in Hatch
  • Refinish Seat Bolster


  • Ireland Engineering Subframe Bushings (Z3eurearsbfrmmount)
  • Conforti Performance Software (Shark Injector)
  • UUC Ultimate Short Shifter (USMZE)
  • UUC Shift Knob (RK2)
  • Project Innovations Wheel Spacers (12mm Front, 15mm Rear)
  • Bilstein Front Struts and Rear Shocks (B8 Performance Plus)
  • Rogue Engineering Stainless Steel Clutchline (SS-CLUSS-CLU-03)
  • LeatherZ Armrest (Mark II)
  • BMW ///M Floor Mats


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Jon Martin
Fort Collins, CO