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LC61069 - 1999 Arctic Silver over Estoril Blue

  • HOST Jon Martin, Fort Collins, CO
  • YEAR 1999
  • EXTERIOR Arctic Silver Metallic
  • INTERIOR Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • PRODUCTION March 3, 1999
  • RARITY 1 of 12

This was one of our first Project Coupe purchases from a dealer and our last. We learned a lot from this coupe. First we had to figure out shipping from Hawaii then Mark drove it from California to my house in Colorado. It rode on 19" wheels with rubber band tires, had very little suspension, and previous had a hatch full of subwoofer box. We shouldn't have been surprised to find the very saggy rear trunk floor. Thankfully it's the only Randy Forbes kit we have had to install so far and it looked and drove great when it was complete.

Because we needed so many parts for this coupe, it ended up scavenging stock parts from a number of very well known coupes as detailed in Article #5. The other fun part of this project was that the new owner flew out, joined our M Coupe BBQ and Drive, then just kept heading west through the mountains towards California. I think that's what all Project Coupe buyers should do.


  • Date September 12, 2014
  • Mileage 84,710 miles
  • Location Pearl City, HI


  • Date April 23, 2016
  • Mileage 86,000 miles
  • New Home Los Angeles, CA

Project Tasks


  • Repair Rear Subframe
  • Replace Clutch Bushings (UUC Bronze)
  • Replace Suspension (Bilstien/TC Kline)
  • Replace Worn Rear Shock Mounts (TC Kline)
  • Replace Front Strut Reinforcement Plates
  • Replace Camshaft Sensor
  • Replace Tie Rods
  • Replace CV Axle Boots
  • Replace O2 Sensors
  • Replace Control Arm Bushings (OEM)
  • Replace Rear Hatch Lock Actuator
  • Replace Sway Bar Bushings


  • Replace Roadstar Wheels
  • Repaint Bumpers
  • PDR Dent in Hood
  • Polish Head Lights
  • Replace Door Handle Gaskets
  • Replace M Badges
  • Replace Front Grill
  • Replace Black Lighting (OEM)
  • Replace Black Kidney Grills (OEM)
  • Replace Front and Rear Roundels
  • Replace Missing Front Underpanel


  • Repair Rearview Mirror (Sybesma's)
  • Replace Plastidipped Rear Hatch Panels (OEM)
  • Replace Seat Bushings (Whalen)
  • Repair Worn Seat Leather
  • Replace Rear Speakers
  • Replace Light Switch


  • Randy Forbes Rear Subframe Reinforcement
  • Bilstien Front Struts and Rear Shocks (Sport)
  • TC Kline Rear Shock Mounts
  • ANSA Exhaust
  • TC Kline Lowering Springs


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Jon Martin
Fort Collins, CO