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Market Update - May 20, 2016

This week’s overview of what’s happened in the M Coupe market.

Currently Listed: 33 Average Asking Price: $39,141.23
S52: 21 S52: $27,232.05
S54: 12 S54: $59,711.64

Most Popular Sales Listings

These are the cars that have been viewed most often this week:

  • 2001 Steel Gray over Imola Red in Ventura, CA

    2001 Steel Gray over Imola Red
    Ventura, CA - $29,900

  • 2001 Titanium Silver over Laguna Seca Blue in Wise River, MT

    2001 Titanium Silver over LSB
    Wise River, MT -  $25,000 (auction)

  • 2000 Orange over Black in Phoenix, AZ

    2000 Orange over Black
    Phoenix, AZ - $34,500

Best Deals

These are what I think are the best deals still available that are not already on the most popular list.

  • 2000 Imola Red over Black in Honolulu, HI

    2000 Imola Red over Black
    Honolulu, HI - $20,000

  • 2000 Cosmos Black over Black in Long Island, NY

    2000 Cosmos Black over Black
    Long Island, NY - $18,500

  • 2000 Alpine White over Dark Beige in Virginia Beach, VA

    2000 Alpine White over Dark Beige
    Virginia Beach, VA - $20,000

Sold This Week

Here are the cars that appear to have gone to lucky new owners this week:


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