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143,000 miles

2000 BMW M Coupe in Titanium Silver Metallic over Dark Gray & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Dark Gray & Black Nappa
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

I've owned and loved this coupe for nearly two years now, but it's dawned on me that I'd much prefer a black car. I know it's a trivial thing to sell a car over, but as I plan to keep the coupe long enough to pass it onto my children, it's worth it to me.

The car currently has just under 143,000 miles. High mileage? Yes. But these things do better when they are driven. I regularly perform work on the car and know the condition of nearly every component and have kept a very detailed list of maintenance items. I purchased the car in Spring of 2014 from a lovely older couple in Ashburn, VA who had maintained the car very well. I have all maintenance receipts from their ownership which included a new clutch in the past few years.

The interior is, honest to god, a 9.5/10. The only interior wear is that side bolster on the driver's seat. Everything else is immaculate. Mechanically, this car is solid. I've been a member of this forum for several years, and have used this knowledge base to appropriately maintain and improve the car as I saw fit. There are several parts I will remove from the car to swap over to my new coupe. I will, more or less, return the car back to its stock condition save for a few items listed below. I've also listed every known item that was on my radar to either replace, repair, or refurbish.

Vehicle Summary:
2000 BMW Z3 M Coupe
Titanium Silver Metallic w/ Black and Dark Grey Nappa leather interior
S52 3.2l Inline-6 w/ 5-speed manual transmission
Rarity: 1 out of 59
VIN: WBSCM9340YLC61493
M Coupe Buyers Guide Listing:

The Good:
-I've refurbished the front sway bar with new end links and bushings, and cleaned the part itself thoroughly
-I've recently refurbished the X-Brace with several coats of paint
-I frequently check the condition of the rear subframe and there is (knock on wood) still no indication of premature failure
-The exterior and interior are in truly great condition for the age and mileage, though there are caveats which I've outlined below.
-The Clutch Slave Cylinder and Brake Master Cylinder have been replaced with in the last 3,000 miles
-Oil has always been changed with BMW Castrol Synthetic 5w30 and Mahle Oil Filter; the car also has an ECS Tuning Magnetic Drainplug
-Spark Plugs and Fuel Filter have been replaced
-Rear roof speakers were replaced with Infinity Reference 6.5" speakers using the OEM harness connector
-Headlights got a very thorough refurbishing and cleaning, now with a layer of Smoke color Lamin-X
-All hood latches replaced with OEM parts in the last 2,000 miles
-Door handle gaskets replaced within the last 2,000 miles
-All drive-belts, tensioners, and pulleys replaced in the last 500 miles
-Transmission mounts replaced with UUC black mounts and transmission brace was refurbished with new paint
-Wiper Fluid Reservoir was painted black instead of that nasty opaque white color
-Replaced lower timing chain tensioner in the last 5,000 miles
-Seats have the Thayer Tilt Mod
-Car is equipped with OEM front strut reinforcements
-Car is equipped with Bilstein Yellow HD shocks w/ OEM springs
-Car is equipped with OEM BMW alarm and comes with the two-button remote; everything is wired but the remote needs to be reprogrammed, which I could do easily.

The Bad:
-The rear passenger loses a few PSI every couple weeks
-The passenger side wheels could use refurbishing after they were curbed
-Driver's Side window is slow to roll down/up
-The brakes function quite well, but since they are Hawk HP+ pads, they squeal like a bus
-Power steering hose has a small leak. This was pointed out by Curry's when they performed a PPI before I purchased the car. I will include an OEM replacement hose.
-Transmission selector seal has a small leak. From my experience this is common, and I was waiting to address or simply overcome with a 6-speed swap.
-There is one small dent on the driver's side rear fender which I can easily have fixed if the buyer so chooses
-The side bolster on the driver's side seat is worn and could use some leather treatment/repair (photographed).
-The front end does have some rock chips since this is a regularly driven car (photographed).
-The windshield has a small chip above the rearview mirror that is about the size of a dime in diameter. I can have this repaired if the buyer chooses.
-The rearview mirror has started to show signs that it needs repair by Sybesma's Electronics ($100 repair)
-Passenger side exterior door handle should be replaced (has trouble opening occasionally)

Modifications/Parts Included in Sale:
-Recently (like last weekend) installed EMP Stewart HD Waterpump, ECS Tuning Aluminum Waterpump Pulley, URO Aluminum Thermostat Housing and Meyle 88 degree Thermostat
-ACS Replica Pedal Set w/ Dead Pedal
-Blaupunkt Cupertino Headunit
-Thayer Seat Tilt Mod
-Jim Conforti Shark Injector
-Bilstein HD Shocks on OEM Springs
-Color-Matched Kidney Grilles
-UUC Black Transmission Mounts
-Slotted Rotors F/R w/ what appear to be Hawk HP+ Pads
-All hardware required to refresh the rear sway bar (brackets, end links, and bushings)
-OEM Tie Rods

Modifications Not Included in Sale:
-Stromung Cat Back (Replaced with OEM exhaust)
-Jim Conforti Intake (Replaced with OEM airbox)
-Stubby Antenna (Replaced with OEM antenna)
-Stone Guards
-Amber Lights all around (replaced with OEM clear lenses)
-S54 Underbody Panel Retrofit

I've tried to do my best to outline every little thing I had on my schedule to replace or address. I've also tried to outline all the work I've done to it, but honestly there are probably things I'm missing. All in all, this car performs extremely well for its age and mileage, and I have to say, I've grown a bit attached to it since I've performed so much work on it myself. My aim was to completely restore this car and then begin modification phases.

This car truly needs to be seen in person and driven to understand its quality. I'm located in the NoVa area and welcome all interested parties to give me a shout. I'm on the forum frequently, so please feel free to PM. My price is $17K and I'm fairly firm on that.

I've included numerous photos below, but if there are any photos you'd like, please let me know. Additionaly information and photos can be seen on my build thread here:

Thank you for viewing! On to the photos!



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Posted: 11/19/2015 10:03:22 AM by Jon Martin

Lots of recent maintenance. The mileage is high, but it should be solid for a long time to come. It could still use some TLC as you'd expect. It's nice that the seller has some of the needed parts in hand already.

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