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SOLD on or around October 26, 2012

59,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2000 BMW M Coupe in Cosmos Black Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Cosmos Black Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

contact through email.

brakes all new.
new clutch kit.

just under 100000kms

going through bids until satisfied do not offer lower then 16500

no test drives with out non refundable deposit.

Previous Sales Listing:
contact through email.

brakes all new.
new clutch kit.

just under 100000kms

Previous Listing:
do not send me offers less then 15*** I know what this car is worth.

names kody call if you have any questions.

car has always been stored for winter.
shipped from states.
owned by real M enthusiast.

ALL bmw emblems have been replaced to OEM black carbon fiber
there is currently a large diamond as a shift knob. and diamonds as the 4 air valve caps on the rims.
brand new brakes,cross drilled rotors,ceramic pads and oem

brakes and clutch kit cost roughly 5ooo$

will accept no lower then 20 000$ car is worth more then this but i would like to move on and need a work truck.

no rust at all i have car in my friends shop about once a month for inspections, car is flawless.


Previous Listing:
I have a 2000 BMW M coupe all original (exhaust has been upgraded to magnum flow) with about 80*** kms on it. car is in amazing condition. very rare.

brand new OEM clutch kit installed Nov 22/2011

no trades
no lowballers price can be negotiated but only untill i store it for winter.
no test drives by any means/no tire kickers

non smoker
car is kept very clean

this car belongs to a BMW enthusiast like my self and I will NOT let it go to just any one.
ask for more pictures
car will be stored in december as to which date exactly i am not sure depends on the salt


Mississauga, ON, Canada

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Sold 10/26/12 - Listing was deleted. Sold?

10/26/12 Update - Added a few new photos. It looks like the shift know has switched back to the more common one.

9/8/12 Update - Updated listing mentions a price of $16,000, but that it has subframe issues. He has a Randy Forbes kit in hand so figure $2,500 for installation. It would not be fun to put your new baby under the knife right away, but you could come away with a pretty nice, subframe-reinforced coupe for ~$18,500 which is not bad at all.

8/30/12 Update - Listing updated to $16,500.

8/21/12 Update - New listing mentions offers over $15,000. That would be a good deal.

8/2/12 Update - Updated description mentioning offers over $20,000. That's much better.

6/26/12 Update - Seller let me know that the price is now $25,000. He also put black carbon fiber emblems on the front, back, steering wheel and all wheels. It also currently has a large diamond as a shift knob and diamonds on the air valve caps. It has brand new brakes, cross drilled rotors, ceramic pads and new oem shoes. I also added a couple new photos.

6/13/12 Update - Relisted with an unknown price. It was previously priced at $30,000. Miles are up to 59,000 from 51,500.

4/15/12 Update - Price back up to $30,000?

3/3/12 Update - Price reduced to $27,000 from $30,000

1/24/12 Update - Nope, not sold. It's back on the market for $30,000 up from $25,000. Also added a couple new photos and updated the description.

Sold 11/18/11 - Listing was removed so I think it may have sold.

I'm pretty sure this is the coupe that was at the dealership in Orangeburg, NY a few months ago. The exhaust is actually a SuperSprint Magnum which is quite a bit nicer than a Magnaflow. It is in pretty good condition, but this price is pretty high, even for Canada.

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