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SOLD on or around January 17, 2015

48,867 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2001 BMW M Coupe in Phoenix Yellow Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Phoenix Yellow Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S54
  • Other Attributes Sunroof-Delete
    Subframe Reinforcement
    Forced Induction

Seller Description

The time has come for another BMW enthusiast to own such a rare M Coupe (we call it Sunshine). This is the project car, listed at

2001 Phoenix Yellow Metallic on Black Nappa Interior. At less than 49k on the current odometer, the miles are low for this garage queen. I'm currently the 3rd owner and kept the M Coupe on a lift, in my garage. Sunshine is VERY CLEAN, with full documentation from the 1st, 2nd, and current (me) owners.

There is some light track history with BMW CCA and Porsche Club days at Putnam Park and Mid Ohio. Prior to any track events, all subframe reinforcement (including Rouge Engineering double ear differential), plus suspension, was preformed by Randy Forbes of Sports Cars Plus. Additional preventative engine (rod bearings replacement), suspension and subframe maintenance was performed by Sports Cars Plus and noted in full documentation + invoices. Also, during my ownership, this car has been cared for by local BMW specialty shops, and the local BMW dealership who knows this car well.

Sunshine is the tightest M Coupe I've ever driven. With the upgrades listed
below, you'll soon understand how this car feels like it's on rails. It feels great,
regardless of road surface.

Rarity Factors:

  • Phoenix Yellow Metallic (only 21 of 678 produced)
  • Sunroof Delete (Only 2 produced with this color combination)
  • Only 17 produced with Phoenix Yellow Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Low miles (under 49,000 miles)


  • S54 M Engine
  • Replaced Engine Connecting Rod Bearings (pre-track preventative maintenance)
  • Active Autowerke Rotrex C38-81 Supercharger with Alcohol Water Injection
  • Active Autowerke Intake Manifold
  • Active Stage III Software
  • Active Autowerke Intercooler
  • Active Autowerke Oil Cooler
  • Active Autowerke Headers and Track Pipe
  • Denso Iridium Plugs ( )
  • Supersprint Stainless Steel Exhaust
  • K&N SC Air Intake




  • Brembo Big Brake Kits (Front and Rear)
  • Stainless Steel Brake Lines


  • SSR Comp 18” Wheels (18x8.5 / 18x9.0)
  • TC Kline Wheel Studs


  • Recaro Pole Position Seats (matching Phoenix Yellow stitching)
  • Harness (6-point)
  • Rob Knob Shifter
  • New Rearview Mirror (OEM)
  • Clear Corner Reflectors
  • Two additional Rear SSR Comp 18" Wheels
  • Custom M Coupe Car Cover
  • Custom designed "Track Trailer" hitch (removable)
  • New OE BMW Battery

Owners Last Comments:
This is an extremely rare M Coupe and only serious inquires please. I'm in no
rush to sell, but to answer the question, "Why are you selling". Well, a few
reasons, but mainly to spend more time with kids/family. Also, for the past 15
years, cars have been a passion for me, but I'm moving on with other priorities. I
know in 20 years, I might regret the selling of this beautiful M Coupe, but I hope it
goes to a good owner who can enjoy it as much as I have.

Contact Jeremy at or (502) 608-8945


Louisville, KY

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Posted: 1/17/2015 8:59:15 PM by Jon Martin

Sold to Joe and it's coming to Colorado! I'm excited!

Posted: 1/5/2015 3:35:19 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $38,990 from $42,820 which is definitely a good deal

Posted: 12/9/2014 2:44:49 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $42,820 from $47,990. I think that's a pretty good deal all things considered.

Posted: 8/24/2014 9:26:02 PM by Jon Martin

Added a bunch of new photos

Posted: 8/22/2014 9:26:06 AM by Jon Martin

Not really any need to explain how special this coupe is. Not only is it the first forced induction S54 coupe I've listed, but it's had Randy Forbes himself install his subframe reinforcement, it's in the rarest color and a sunroof-delete. New, professional photos are coming as soon as it stops raining there. Can't wait!

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