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SOLD on or around June 21, 2011

87,000 miles

Asking Price: $22,000
2002 BMW M Coupe in Titanium Silver Metallic over Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Engine S54

Seller Description

That’s right, this is one of only 690 S54 powered M Coupes ever made. At 87k miles, this car is still one of the cleanest M Coupes you will find. I am definitely one of those OCD car owners. I pressure wash the underside and wheel wells at least twice per year, rinse the engine bay at least every other wash, wash the inside of the wheels frequently, change the oil religiously with the Castrol TWS 10-60, etc. Everything in the car works exactly as it should. The only two items (other than maintenance components) that are not original is the rear view mirror and the shift knob (and I have the original shift knob). This car shows virtually no wear inside.

I got the car at 50k miles and immediately installed polyurethane subframe bushings. The subframe on this car looks original and shows no signs of failure. Other recent maintenance includes front sway bar endlinks (oem), front sway bar bushings(polyurethane), Bilstien shocks (I forget if they were sport or HD), Whalen seat bushings, valve check adjustment, and a serpentine belt. There is probably more that I am forgetting right now. I’ll have to go pull receipts and edit the above.

This car has ALL original body panels, with all VINs, and all original paint. No work has every been done. HOWEVER, while parked, the rear fender was dented by someone else who couldn’t park. I have pics of the damage. I chose to use a paintless dent removal instead of replacing, or repainting the rear fender because I wanted the car maintained original. The rear fender is not perfect though. I have deducted the cost of replacing the fender from the value of the car already. I have pictures of the repaired fender as well, though it is difficult to comprehend the real condition. I would say that from 10 feet away you can barely tell anything is different. Oh, and the car went for an alignment just 1 month before the incident and again immediately after and it was perfect.

One rear wheel has a curb scratch. Again, I was going to repair it, but I chose to keep the car as original as possible.

The tires have under 5k miles.

The car is available for a PPI at anytime in the general bay area. Please free to ask any questions or open discussions with me regarding this car.

Asking $22,000

Just to add some info the maintenance, the following was also replaced when the suspension was serviced.

New Bilstein sport shocks were installed along with new oem strut bearings, oem spring pads in the front, and Ground Control rear upper shock mounts. The stock rear shock mounts are a very high failure item on these, and many of the BMW’s that use that same mount. Oem springs are on the car and it was never lowered or altered. New front control arm bushings were also installed at the same time. After the suspension was installed, the car was aligned at Mountian View BMW on 7/6/10. New Continental Extreme Contact DW tires were installed at the same time.

AT 50k miles, when I bought the car, I immediately installed polyurethane subframe bushings as a preventative measure for the dreaded subframe failures on these cars. Though it is not a subframe failure, rather a differential hanger failure, a search on the internet for subframe failures will explain this. This car show NO signs of any damage, the bushings were installed to prevent damage. Also at 60k miles, the valves were adjusted. Oil has been replaced at exactly 10k miles ALWAYS. When I change the oil, all of the green service lights are still lit up, but I refuse to use oil, even synthetic, for more than 10k miles.

As noted by JMartin03, the front bumper is scraped on the bottom, but it also has a fair amount of road rash, especially on the lower section of the bumper.

I also did not point it out, though the pictures do, the seat bolsters are not even worn, no frayed threads, nothing. I am very careful entering and exiting the car, and I have never once worn jeans (with those metal rivets!!) in this car.

I am very open to any local enthusiast coming by to check this car out for the sake of posting to inform other members that may not be local. This car has nothing to hide.


San Jose, CA

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Sold 6/21/11 - Sold to Bill for $20,750. Congrats!

5/29/11 Update - This comment was posted on Bimmerforums:

I have seen this car in person and the description in the ad is very accurate. Exceptionally clean and well maintained. Also, thumbs up for a great seller and all around nice guy.

5/4/11 Update - The seller had a PPI performed at Allison BMW in Mountain View, CA here are the results:

PPI has been performed by Allison BMW in Mountain View, CA. They spent 2 hours and charged $255 so I am confident that it was thorough. The ONLY two items noted are:

1: Wiper blades need to be replaced. I already bought new Bosch blades, but have not installed them yet because I almost never drive the car in the rain.

2: Serpentine belt is starting to show some cracks in the ribs, but is not bad enough to recommend replacement yet.

That is it! Two hours of inspection and the only things they could find that werent perfect are wiper blades and a fan belt.

5/1/11 Update - Added a few more detail and window sticker photos.

4/25/11 Update - Seller added some additional maintenance information. Still sounds good to me.

It sounds like this coupe has been well cared for by a knowledgeable owner. It's also in one of my favorite color combinations of which there are only 43 and just 11 S54s (the exterior color is actually Titanium Silver as Arctic Silver was only offered in 1999). Maintenance seems to be up to date and the the upgrade bushings and Bilstien shocks are a nice bonus. The photos show that it is super clean and definitely does not look like it has 87k miles on it. The only minor issues are the mentioned dent and some scrapes on the underside of the front bumper. I think it's a pretty good deal.

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