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SOLD on or around April 25, 2011

117,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1999 BMW M Coupe in Estoril Blue Metallic over Dark Beige Oregon
  • Exterior Color Estoril Blue Metallic
  • Interior Color Dark Beige Oregon
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

The car has 117,000 miles. I am the 3rd owner. I purchased the car with 94,000 miles in September 2007 from AEI///M Coupe here on Bimmerforums. Here is a link to the thread for reference:

I pulled the carfax, and he purchased it with 82,000 miles in 2005 from a dealership in Scotsdale AZ that had the vehicle leased as it’s first owner.

My reason for selling is because I just purchased a house and I just don’t have the budget for a 2nd car, especially a sports car. It’s been an absolute dreamcar for me, and it’s really tough for me to sell it.

AEI///MCoupe dyno’d it at 220 hp / 219 lb.ft in 2005 before the Fan Delete Kit was installed.

AEI///MCoupe had run it at 13.7 in the 1/4. I’ve never actually put it through the quarter before.

Reliability/Durability/Common Issues:
The oil pump nut has been fixed. The Guibo “Flex Plate” has been replaced. Stock Water Pump has been replaced with a Stewart Water Pump. Passenger Seat started to rock back and forth, so I installed Whalen Seat Rail Bushings, and the problem disappeared. The windows started rolling down slowly, so I replaced the window sliders with new OEM parts and greased the tracks. The engine developed the infamous Vanos Rattle, so I had installed the Beisan Systems Vanos Rattle Repair Kit along with the more durable Beisan Vanos Seals.

As a precautionary measure, I sent a sample of oil to Blackstone for analysis at around 100,000 miles. He stated that metals compared well to averages, and that insolubles were good at 0.2%.

In December 2007, I got into an accident. It was raining, and while coming to a stop I slid into the car in front of me. The front left of the bumper was cosmetically damaged and the frame was not damaged at all. Some tabs were broken on the bumper and the headlight needed to be reset. My insurance covered everything and even repainted the hood. (Which turned out well, since the car had a notable amount of rock chips on the front when I got it). And just after that, I bought Umnitza Angel Eye Headlights, so the whole front end looks very sharp.

The subframe is in good condition. The mounts don’t have any cracks inspected from underneath the car, and from the inside under the carpet. All too often “Subframe damage” is thrown around too loosely when it comes to M Coupes and Roadsters, so to help educate everyone, here are pictures of what a failing subframe looks like, compared to what this car’s has (see listing).

Modifications are as follows:


* H&R Sport Springs (10,000 miles)
* Bilstein Sport Shocks (10,000 miles)
* Rogue Rear Upper Strut Mounts
* Shark Injector
* ECIS Intake
* Fan Delete Kit
* Umnitza Angel Eye Projector HIDs
* G-Power Rear Spoiler
* Magnaflow 14815 Exhaust
* New Stewart Water Pump (7,000 miles)
* New Battery (<100 miles)
* 10” Alpine Sub + Rockford Fosgate 250 Watt Amp
* Clifford Alarm
* Z3 2-Piece Bra
* Magnetic Rock Chip Guards
* AC Schnitzer Pedals
* AC Schnitzer Shift Knob
* AC Schnitzer E-brake
* Guibo Replaced
* Oil Pump Nut Fixed
* New Whalen Passenger Seat Rail Bushings
* Black Kidney and Side Grills
* Rear Wiper Shaved
* New Hatch Struts
* New Window Sliders Installed
* Beisan Systems Vanos Seals and Rattle Repair Kit

Not yet installed:

* M50 Manifold
* Replica Supersprint Longtube Headers
* Ireland Engineering Green Subframe Bushings

Mechanically great condition
Overall Paint is in good condition - Everyone I talk to is surprised that it’s a 1999. One guy asked if it was an ’08!

Driver’s seat doesn’t move up and down - motor appears to work, it just seems to be getting caught on something.

It’s a well taken-care of example of an M Coupe. It’s been dynoed, I’ve run a carfax on it, and the oil has been sent to Blackstone. Many of the critical reliability/durability modifications have been taken care of, and with the M50 Manifold and Headers installed, it’ll pull strong, and with the IE Subframe bushings installed, it’ll handle like it’s on rails. The rear tires are brand new (<500 miles). The Angel Eyes look absolutely sharp, especially with the blacked out headlight housing, with blacked out kidneys, black side grills, black magnetic stone guards, and a black tint.

I invite you to do some research here: Price vs. Mileage

M Coupes with 117k miles are projected to have an Asking Price of $18,000.
M Coupes with 117k miles are projected to have a Selling Price of $14,000.

I’m asking $14,000 obo. I believe this is a fair asking price given the list of modifications.

I know everyone feels differently about modifications, but to be honest, I wouldn’t touch an M Coupe without the Water pump replaced, Guibo fix, Vanos overhauled, Rear Upper Strut Mounts Replaced, and without an oil sample analysis.

Here is a data point for comparison: 117k, no mods.

If you’d like additional pictures of anything else, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

I live in Georgia. I’m willing to help drive the car to a shipper if needed. I bought my last two cars from Seattle and Indianapolis, and my bike from Chicago and had them all shipped to Georgia with no problems.



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Sold 4/25/11 - Sold! Someone got a good deal.

4/17/11 Update - Added a few more interior photos. It looks good.

The seller has already said most of the things I would say, and I agree with him :). I wouldn't see the accident as too much of an issue as it sounds like it was all cosmetic, and it's nice that the hood was resprayed on a coupe of this mileage. His modifications are all nice as well. He's done all the upgrades required of an M Coupe of this mileage already. It's also a plus that each of the two previous owners are Bimmerforums members. I think the price is good for the mileage and all the preventative maintenance he has already done.

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