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SOLD on or around May 19, 2011

19,455 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2001 BMW M Coupe in Titanium Silver Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S54
  • Title Branded

Seller Description

PLEASE READ FIRST - This car has a salvage title. If you are not comfortable with that, please read no further. Please keep comments on salvage title out of this thread.

I encourage a PPI and will be happy to take car to shop of choice. Car was not hit hard. Had LF damage. No structural damage which will be evident by PPI. Zionsville Motorsports (Indy) rebuilt the car.

S54 Motor, Silver on Black. ONLY 19,455 miles. I have made this into a HPDE car with the following modifications:

- TCKline Dual adjustable front coil overs with 500# Short springs
- TCKline Single Adjustable rear coil overs with 600# Short springs
- TCKline adjustable front camber plates
- Ground Control lower control arm bearings centered
- Delrin trailing arm bushings
- IE Rear Subframe mounts
- Performance Friction 2 piece front rotors
- Performance friction front pads plus slightly used spare set of pads and factory rotors
- Rear rotors are drilled, stock pads (new set of Perf Fricition spares)
- Stock Roadstars with Frnt Bridgestone Potenza RE-01R 235-45-R17, Rear 255-40-R17 Used 2 dry heat cycle, 4 wet heat cycle - lots of life left
- Spare set of HRE wheels with Front Hoosier R6 245-35-ZR18 (1 heat cycle so near new), Rear BFGoodrich GForce R1 285-30-ZR18 (7 heat cycles still decent rubber left)
- Driver & Passenger Recaro Pole Position seats with Schroth 6 Point harness system
- Custom 4 pt roll bar (bolt in) done by Mark McMahan (Rollcageguy)
-5mm front whell spacers
- New BMW waterpump
- Zionsville Motorsports Aluminum Race radiator / electic fan
- Strong strut tower brace
- Stainless brake lines and high performance fluid

I have original black leather power heated seats in near new condition.

Car is ready to go and sorted out. Interior is in great condition, like you would expect for 19K mile car. Exterior is average. Significant dent on driver side door as result of tire falling off rack in trailer. Paint not so great (good 10 footer). If I was keeping, I would likely repaint the car.

Mechanically the car is near perfect. No performance mods to drivetrain. Motor, clutch, rear end all very strong and reliable. Traction control does not work (steering wheel sensor needs calibrated by BMW dealer).

I have a lot of pictures I can send.

I have around $35k in the car with all mods. I have ran 2 seasons, 14 HPDE events. Bought Viper so need to let go of the M. Asking $25,900. Would consider interesting trades too.


Muncie, IN

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Sold 5/19/11 - Listings were removed, so I assume it sold.

5/10/11 Update - A little more information about this coupe:

As per the original owner, the car was in a very large accident when it was hit in the right rear, sent into a spin and then into a concrete highway barrier. The right rear, left rear, left front, front subframe and suspension were all damaged. The car was written off as a total loss/salvage by the insurance company due to the extensive damage.

That makes more sense and accounts for the badly misaligned rear panels, the noise coming from the rear suspension, the repair to the front frame and the horribly twisted rear hatch.

Also, the rear bumper was replaced as well. Didn’t remember if the front bumper or hood were also replaced.

5/2/11 Update - Ebay bidding only got up to $11,450

4/25/11 Update - Relisted on Ebay at $10,000 with a reserve.

4/25/11 Update - A PPI was done on this coupe and here's the report:

Extensive subframe repair at the front of the car after a major collison. Can’t how well the frame was repaired without getting the car on an alignment rack but the steering wheel is out of alignment at this time. It’s not clear whether the car was also hit in the rear (rear bumper has been repainted) or if the collision was so violent that the entire car was twisted. The rear quarter panels are misaligned and the hatch is skewed to one side (not at the top but very visible at the bottom – suggests twisting.) The car has a noise when going over bumps that’s coming from the passenger’s rear area but isn’t being caused by the RSMs. The car exhibits a slight vibration at highway speeds.

The following needs to be replaced:
front calipers
engine air filter
rear hatch struts
seat sliders
M-mobility cartridge
floor mats
rearview mirror
Inspection I in a few months

The car has holes in the front and rear carpet where the rollbar was previously installed. No CD changer or amp are present.
Brake pads in the front are racing pads and squeal in routine driving.
Dent in door cannot be removed by PDR
Tires have 50% treadwear remaining

I still don't think it's a bad deal if you plan on using it primarily on the track. Also, the rollbar/cage and racing seats are no longer in the car and are for sale separately.

3/27/11 Update - Added a Carfax report showing a few more details on the salvage title.

3/19/11 Update - A very significant price drop to $18,500 from $25,900 which I think makes this a good deal even with the salvage title. The upgrades alone are probably worth close to that. He event left almost all the goodies intact. Note: the new price does not include the spare HRE wheels or the original seats.

2/26/11 Update - Ebay auction ended with only one bid at the starting price of $15,000

2/19/11 Update - Relisted on Ebay

2/12/11 Update - Ebay auction ended with a high bid of $19,100 which did not meet the reserve.

2/5/11 Update - Listed on Ebay too with lots of photos. It appears to have been repaired well. His suspension mods are very well done, and I also really like the HRE track wheels. The seats and rollcage won't be for everyone though.

If you're looking for an HPDE car, this looks like a good one. With only 19k miles on the S54 engine, it's just getting warmed up. All the modifications are nice and high quality. I don't doubt he has $35k into it. It sounds a little rough if you're looking for something for the street, but if you're in need of a dedicated track coupe, this sounds like it's well sorted.

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