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SOLD on or around June 5, 2020

34,000 miles

Asking Price: $58,000
2001 BMW M Coupe in Imola Red 2 over Special Order
  • Exterior Color Imola Red 2
  • Interior Color Special Order
  • Engine S54
  • Other Attributes Subframe Reinforcement

Seller Description

I have owned this M coupe since it was new. I ordered it and took delivery from Cutter Motors in Santa Barbara. It is Imola Red II and the interior is Walnut Extended Leather from a 2002 Z3 coupe. This car has been rained on approximately 3 times in 19 years. I have changed the oil with Castrol 10W-60 with my own hands 18+ times. The car has about 34k miles (I am not with the car and cannot read the exact mileage to you at this time). The differential is a 3.46 from a Z3, bought new from BMW in 2001. Car has BMW accessory keyless entry/alarm system. Exhaust and X-pipe are Supersprint. Wheels are original to the car and have no curb rash. All the glass is original; there is no window tint on the car. The factory audio system has been upgraded with JL speakers at all 4 corners, and a Kicker subwoofer in the factory location. The main amplifier is a JL 4-channel unit and the subwoofer is driven by a separate, smaller Kenwood amplifier. The steering wheel has been thickened and recovered with Original BMW Walnut Nappa leather (I have hides of it, ask about purchasing those separately if you like), and all LeatherZ armrest parts are installed. Car comes with original M side gills and also Z3 side gills. Rear foglight is installed and functioning. Senders are installed for VDO oil pressure and water temperature gauges. Car has Cocomats with walnut dots and the BMW M cargo mat is installed. I did take the car to Randy Forbes who reinforced the rear subframe (no issues, preventative only) and replaced all of the bushings in the rear end of the car including rear trailing arm bushings, sway bar bushings and links, and the differential cover bushing. Randy also upgraded the VANOS unit with the complete compliment of Beisan upgrade parts, preventatively. I also paid Randy to upgrade the connecting rod bearings to the latest and last BMW units, with his coating on them. Car has new motor mounts. The car had clear paint protective film on the hood and bumper for most of its life, and when I had it removed, some paint on the bumper came off too. I replaced and repainted the front bumper and repainted the original hood in the last 75 miles. Platinum Automotive in Charleston did the work at a cost of $4200 to a very high level. I had Platinum mask off the original decals on the underside of the hood, and also paint the underside of the hood as well. They also filled the front license plate holes, and provided me with color-matched painted sidemarker lights as well (included with sale). After Platinum was finished with the car,

I had it paint-corrected by Chris Arthur from Arthurs’ Detailing and coasted with Opticoat Pro. This car has won car shows and events, but at the same time it has rarely been seen in public. It smells like a new car inside. It is a one of a kind, it was treated properly and obsessed over its entire life, by me. Complete records and original window sticker are included with the car. Boxes and boxes of take-off parts and spares worth hundreds or thousands of dollars are also included with the car. I have a current Carfax you can inspect now, and all (and I mean all) the service records are all paper and are included in a 3-ring binder. Car was put into storage in July of 2018, and all fluids and filters were changed then, by me, very carefully. The tires have plenty of tread on them but they are old and should be replaced before any performance driving. If the buyer agrees to pay full asking price for the car, I will include (1) an original BMW USA dealer M coupe banner that dealers hung in showrooms in 1999. There are probably less than a dozen of said banners in the entire world. And (2) an Original BMW/Bertelsmann car cover, steering wheel cover, and storage bag that was hand carried from Germany.


Charleston, SC

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Posted: 6/5/2020 7:22:57 AM by Jon Martin

Sale pending

Posted: 4/23/2020 11:42:10 PM by Jon Martin

Added a new description, photos and Carfax report

Posted: 4/22/2020 9:17:32 AM by Jon Martin

This has always been one of my favorite coupes out there. The extended walnut interior is amazing. If you want to see more photos or know how the interior got there, check out this article. There's also a little more about it on his CoupeNut Blog. Oh, and I think it's a pretty good deal too! If you don't have Facebook, contact me and I can put you in touch with the seller.

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