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SOLD on or around February 15, 2022

70,300 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2002 BMW M Coupe in Titanium Silver Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S54
  • Other Attributes Subframe Reinforcement

Seller Description

Relisted M Coupe since recent pre-purchase inspection. Cylinders 1-5 at specs but #6 with 22% leakage due to the piston rings. No issues driving the vehicle, but it will worsen over time requiring engine replacement. I have owned the care since 2012 and it has been wonderful and reliable as my garage queen. Cosmetically great but was tracked by prior owner. Pictures, service history, inspection and leak down testing available on request.

Prevous Listing:
Well cared for clown shoe which is excellent cosmetically and mechanically. 3rd owner since 2012. TC Kline susp/subframe reinforcement early on. BMW replaced the engine at 30,000 and it runs strong. Selling to make room in my garage and is my wife's least favorite driver. Arizona/California car with old school maintenance. Roof rack/harness/bar/Bentley manual is included. Tires are good cosmetically but are due for replacement due to age. Pictures and service history available on request.


Pima County, AZ

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Posted: 2/15/2022 8:31:29 AM by Jon Martin

Sale pending to John. Congrats!

Posted: 2/14/2022 4:35:04 PM by Jon Martin

Back on the market with big price reduction to $28,000 from $42,000. It may need an engine replacement at some point, but I think it's a screaming deal.

Posted: 12/24/2021 10:43:18 AM by Jon Martin

Listings removed; looks like it sold

Posted: 12/16/2021 2:14:06 PM by Jon Martin

Back on the market after 3 years and about 4k new miles. Now priced at $42,000 which seems ok. No photos posted this time, but I still have a few from the previous listing.

Posted: 11/13/2018 9:48:02 PM by Jon Martin

Seem slike a very well sorted S54. It has all the good stuff done to it including subframe reinforcement, TC Kline suspension, and even has a newer engine with better rod bearings. I think it's a pretty good deal.

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