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SOLD on or around June 24, 2013

109,650 miles

Asking Price: $17,000
1999 BMW M Coupe in Arctic Silver Metallic over Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Arctic Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

Hey there guys, unfortunately the time has come to sell my beloved M coupe due to a new baby and a need to start saving for a house. I bought the car from a fellow member in November of 2011 the car has been meticulously cared for its whole life I have a stack of service receipts for the car the car has a clean CA title. there is a list of maintenance from the previous owner and myself below. Car has 109,xxx miles asking price is $19,000 and firm I have to sell but not that bad, so no low ballers, I wilnot acknowledge any low ball offers. Car is located in Yorba linda,CA

The cars modifications are custom Ground Control coilovers, BBS RKII wheels (18x8.5 front; 18x10 rear), M50 manifold, Magnaflow mufflers, DICE Mp3 cable among a few other small things. Also annoying Z3/E36 fixes were taken care of such as seat bushings, cooling system, leaking rear wiper fluid, and the AC fan resistor.

More photos and information available upon request. call or text me my name is Alex

Oil change- 72.1k miles September 2007 Chevron Delo 15w40/Mann filter
Air filter- 72.1k miles September 2007 Mann
Front wipers- 72.1k miles September 2007 OE
Rear wiper- 72.2k miles September 2007 OE
Shift knob- 72.2k miles September 2007 OE
Smog- 72.2k miles September 2007 Quick Smog
Trans fluid- 72.3k miles September 2007 BMW MTL LT-2
Diff fluid- 72.3k miles September 2007 Redline 75w140
Fuel filter- 72.3k miles September 2007 Kayser
Brake/clutch fluid flush- 72.3k miles September 2007 Dot 4
Valve cover gasket- 72.3k miles September 2007
Glove compartment fix- 72.3k miles September 2007
Tires- 73.1k miles Halloween 2007 BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2
Oil change- 75.3k miles March 2008 Chevron Delo 15w40/Mann filter
Windshield- 75.3k miles March 2008 Pilkington
Radiator- 76k miles April 2008 Behr S54 Version
88° T-stat/Housing/Waterpump- 76k Miles April 2008 OE
Expansion Tank/Cap- 76k Miles April 2008
Belts/Pullies- 76k Miles April 2008
Upper/Lower/Expansion Tank Hoses- 76k miles April 2008
Coolant drain/refill- 76k miles April 2008 BMW
Driver side seat bushings- 76k miles April 2008
Rear wiper fix- 76k miles April 2008
UUC clutch line- 76.4k miles May 2008
GC Coilovers 500f/650r- 76.4k miles May 2008
Bilsten Sports (re-valved)- 76.4k miles May 2008
GC RSM’s- 76.4k miles May 2008
Strut mounts (reversed)- 76.4k miles May 2008 OE
Control arms/Bushings- 78.5k miles July 2008 Lemforder/Sachs-Boge
4-wheel alignment/Corner balance- 78.6k miles July 2008 @ Black Forest
Front pads/Rotors- 78.6k miles July 2008 Porterfield R4-S/Motorsport
Rear pads/Rotors- 78.6k miles July 2008 Porterfield R4-S/Zimmerman
Brake fluid flush- 78.6k miles July 2008 ATE DOT 4 TYP 200
Oil change- 78.7k miles July 2008 Chevron Delo 15w40/Mann filter
Keyless entry remote- August 2008 OE
Subframe bushings- 80.5k miles September 2008 Ireland Engineering
Transmission mounts- 80.5k miles September 2008 Rogue Engineering
Flex disc- 80.8k miles October 2008 Lemforder
Trans seal- 80.8k miles October 2008
Clutch pedal bushings- 80.8k miles October 2008 OE
Front wipers- November 2008 OE
Oil change- 81.8k miles December 2008 Chevron Delo 15w40/Mann filter
Wheels- 82.5k miles January 2009 BBS RKII
Tires- 82.5k miles January 2009 Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport
Mufflers- 83.3k miles February 2009 Magnaflow 14815 @ Ed Hanson’s
#4 Spark plug connector- 84.5k miles Marco 2009
Spark plugs- 84.5k miles March 2009 NGK 100k mile
Passenger seat belt latch- 84.5k miles March 2009 OE
Passenger SRS seat harness- 84.5k miles March 2009 OE
Passenger side seat bushings- 84.5k miles March 2009
Hood alarm sensor- 84.8k miles April 2009 OE
Oil change 84.8k miles April 2009 Chevron Delo 15w40/Mann filter
Steering wheel- May 2009
Slip ring- May 2009 OE
Air filter- 87.7k miles October 2009 Mahle
Oil change- 87.7k miles October 2009 Shell Rotella T 15w40/Mann Filter
Expansion tank- 88.8k miles January 2010 Behr
Battery- 90.1k miles July 2010 Surestart
Oil change- 91k miles January 2011 Chevron Delo 15w40/Mann filter
Rear shocks- 92.9k miles August 2011 Warrantied Bilstein
Oil change-94.5k miles November 2011 Chevron Delo 15w40/Mann filter
Spark plugs-95k miles November 2011 NGK R
Rear tires-95.5k miles December 2011 bridgestone potenza re760
Oil change-99k miles March 2012 Chevron Delo 15w40/Mann filter
Fuel filter-101k miles May 2012 Mahle filter
Oil change-103K miles July 2012 Chevron Delo 15w40/Mann filter
Oil change-106k miles September 2012 Chevron Delo 15w40/Mann filter

Photos are from previous owners for sale add because they are all that i have on hand.


Yorba Linda, CA

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Posted: 6/24/2013 10:40:10 PM by Jon Martin

Sold for $18,000

Posted: 3/30/2013 10:08:22 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $17,000 from $18,000

Posted: 1/19/2013 10:00:06 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $18,000 from $19,000

Older Comments by Jon Martin

11/17/12 Update - Added a few more photos from it's recent service.

11/15/12 Update-  A maintenance upgrade from the seller:

Beisan Vanos kit has been installed, Anti-rattle and upgraded Vanos seal, Along with a new cam cover and vanos gaskets, and a fresh set of NGK R spark plugs mileage is at 109,650.

11/7/12 Update - Added a few more recent photos. It looks really good for the mileage.

The miles are on the high side, but this coupe has been very well documented. It also has some nice upgrades. It's in greate shape for the mileage, and in a relatively rare color combo. I think the price is probably fair due to the condition and documentation. Some more recent photos would be nice though.

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