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SOLD on or around June 7, 2010

82,100 miles

Asking Price: $18,999
1999 BMW M Coupe in Estoril Blue Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Estoril Blue Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

Welcome to my auction. You’re looking at a very special example of a rare, cult classic. Let me detail a few of the reasons what makes this car a great find:

  • Estoril Blue + Black Leather is undoubtedly the most desired M Coupe color combination, particularly the stunning Estoril paint which is a head turning color that is easy to keep clean and will maintain the strongest residual value as the most sought after color.
  • A very desirable ownership history. Only one previous owner and more importantly, since I purchased this car five years ago, I have spared no expense in maintaining this vehicle (heck, I spent nearly $750 putting in a specially reinforced glove box to make sure it never rattled again). I have meticulously cataloged my maintenance records in a chronologically-ordered three-ring binder. I have owned 7 BMWs in the last 11 years and currently own an E46 M3 and E39 M5 as well. So, I know BMWs and know how to care for them. I have even repurchased BMWs I previously sold that had over 125,000 miles on them because I know my vehicles have been well-maintained and are typically bought by discerning enthusiasts whom recognize the quality of my cars. This includes a an E34 540i that still has the original nikasil block with almost 200k miles – an infamously unreliable engine that rarely last 100k miles and was even recalled.
  • CARFAX history confirms a clear and accident-free history.* I should note however, CARFAX does show a "inconsistent odometer reading" - due to an incompetent smog station employee misreading or misrecording the mileage as 60,000 miles (66,000 miles was recorded on the previous smog). I have the records to confirm this. More importantly, any authorized BMW service center can use their GT1 diagnostic tool to detect any odometer fraud. I am even willing to split the modest cost of such a service at the dealer of your choosing. Beyond the hard evidence, as my flawless 10+ year eBay record shows, I am a completely reliable and honest seller.
  • The M Coupe has lived entirely in the gentle conditions of California. It was registered in Highland Park, IL initially (I maintain a residence there) for sales and income tax purposes - I do this with many of my cars. I finally switched to CA plates because a local police officer threatened me with a heavy ticket if I didn’t register with CA plates. In terms of storage, the car has been housed indoors with the exception of one 4 month stretch when I lived temporarily at a complex for work without indoor parking (still gentle CA conditions).
  • Conveniently for the next owner, the car’s CA emissions certificate was renewed a month ago and I have kept the certificate if needed.
  • I am willing to drive the car as far as Colorado / any area of similar distance to the buyer.
  • 60-Day Warranty. For your peace of mind, I am offering a $1,000 two-month warranty in the event the car experiences any unusual failure. This does not cover typical wear and tear stuff like brakes or belts, but rather driver train and suspension (e.g. motor, drive shaft, shocks, etc.). Naturally, in the event of a claim, I would need to take steps to ensure the claim was genuine.
  • Further pertinent vehicle information you are seeking is available below in easily digestible bulleted lists. I encourage all prospective buyers to, if not personally, find a friend or local professional to evaluate the car first-hand. Full CARFAX report available via email upon request. Have you anymore questions feel free to contact me.


  • Bilstein Sport Suspension (Dampers + Shocks). The vehicle is equipped with an aggressive aftermarket Bilstein suspension package (an OEM BMW supplier). The result is significantly tighter and more responsive handling with increased grip land lower center of gravity. Additionally, compare my M Coupe side by side with others and you’ll see it is much more aesthetically pleasing with its aggressive and stance all but eliminated wheel gap. However, this does result in a stiffer ride and lower bumper clearance that calls for the driver to pay attention to steep entry ways and high parking curbs. Also, the car cannot be taken through drive through carwashes due to the height of the wash tracks and the prodigious width of the rear wheels.
  • Euro (clear) side markers and reflectors.
  • Subtle, tasteful window tints

Known Glitches

  • Fuel gauge: A known gremlin on this model, the fuel gauge is extremely accurate, but sometimes will occasionally suddenly flip to an empty fuel reading. Usually, this goes away quickly is a minor nuisance.
  • Factory 6CD Changer: The magazine got jammed coming out. Since, I don’t really use CDs I have not attempted to fix it However, the player worked fine and should operate well if the jam magazine is removed and replaced (new magazines are extremely cheap).

Major Services/Replacements

  • 82,000 miles: INSPECTION II $792
  • 76,246: 2 New Rear 255/40R17 Bridgestone RE050A Pole Position
  • 74,406: A common problem on M Coupes, I had a rocking driver seat re-secured with a new seat rail bushing kit. An expensive fix (due to labor).
  • 68,749: OEM front brake pads and rotors replaced ($750+)
  • 56,521: Rear pads replaced
  • 53,000: new wheel well covers, new center airduct, new brake ducts
  • 53,000: Over $700 spent on new glove box with special aftermarket reinforcement kit to replace creaking/loose glove box (a common problem on this model)
  • 43,000: Rear cross brace replaced (common issue for these vehicles)

Exterior/Interior Info

  • Exterior: The exterior is in great shape. I receive many compliments. However, like any car with 80k miles, it has a few minor scratches and dings. The front bumper is immaculate right now with a recent refinish - I have refinished the front bumper several times over the past five years as the bottom lip is apt to accumulated wear due to its low ride height. The rear bumper was also refinished about two years ago due to a careless parker. The front and rear wheels were just refinished as well and look great.
  • Interior: The interior is in good shape – about 7 out of 10. With about $200 worth of work, it could look brand new. Really, all that’s showing signs of wear are the seat bolsters. Besides that, the only other thing that bugs me is the e-brake boot which has come loose (cheap fix).


  • I have detailed maintenance records and receipts which will be included with sale
  • Non-smoking CA vehicle w/1 previous owner
  • Hardwired for Valentine One Radar
  • As my smog tests show, the car runs incredibly clean with almost undetectable emission levels. New catalytics probably won’t even be needed 10 years from now.
  • Keys included: 1 illuminated, 1 non-illuminated, 1 valet
  • Contact me for free $35.00 CARFAX Report


Santa Barbara, CA

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Sold 6/7/10 - AutoTrader ad was taken down. I assume it sold, but I don't know any details.

5/26/10 Update - A potential buyer told me the seller didn't seem entirely trustworthy in his personal dealings with him. The seller seems to come pretty clean in his listing and the car looks great, but just be aware of it.

This seller wrote a fantastically informative listing, so you can feel confident you can know exactly what you're getting.  The owner seems to be a knowledgable BMW owner and has a full maintenance history.  He's also willing to deliver to the western states and offer a 60 day warranty.  It is a huge plus that an Inspection II was recently performed.  On the down side, it has a few interior cosmetic issues both inside and out and the fuel gauge has a small glitch.  The price is fair given the maintenance and ownership history.  Also, the car has already had an unsuccessul Ebay listing with a $19,700 buy-it-now.

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