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LC61892 - Part 1: Introduction

LC61892 - Part 1: Introduction

2000 BMW M Coupe in Titanium Silver over Imola Red

There's a good chance you may have heard me mention a Project Coupe over the past...ummm...year. This is admittedly a late introduction to a coupe I picked up on Memorial Day weekend 2017, but so it goes. Over time I've gotten more picky about the Project Coupes I choose which in turn I seem to like each one more than the last. This one I like a lot, so I've been in no hurry to let it go.

LC61892 is a 2000 M Coupe in titanium silver over imola red with 89k miles. It's also one of the 9 S52s in this color combo without a sunroof. Anyone who has been visiting my site for a while knows I am a sucker for imola red interior. I definitely couldn't pass this one up. Best of all, with it's location, It also gave my wife and I a little excuse for a weekend adventure.

We flew into Nashua, NH which just so happens to be where Rick (a previous Project Coupe partner) lives. He and his girlfriend picked us up at the airport, took us to brunch, then we went to check out the new Project Coupe. I felt pretty confident going in. The seller had voluntarily had it inspected by local Turner Motorsports, so I knew exactly what I was getting into. Rick had also gone over and checked it out in person for me.

My first impressions were positive. I am not personally a fan of the aftermarket headlights that were installed, but everything else looked solid. The interior was even cleaner than I hoped. I gave the nod to the girls, and they happily left us there to talk cars with the seller while they headed off to go antique shopping.

2000 BMW M Coupe in Titanium Silver over Imola Red

Rick and I continued looking over the new project. It quickly became clear  that it wasn't going to be as much of a "project" as some we've had. The service records were in order showing great routine maintenance, upgraded water pump, new brakes, and the other hallmarks of an enthusiast owner.

While there, I also wanted to get as much information about the salvage title as I could. Yep, it does have a salvage title. Luckily the seller was the man to talk to. Early in this coupe's life, the original owner had over-cooked a corner, spun, then scraped up against a guard rail. The BMW dealer gave the owner a "generous" quote for the repair, and it ended up in the salvage yard where the seller worked at the time. He happily purchased it and brought it home where he was able to repair it himself for <$2000. He proceeded to drive it trouble free for 60k miles over the next 13 years. He even gave me photos (real photos, not digital) from the accident and even the accident scene which is very cool.

During our conversation we borrowed a couple tools and installed the all-important seat tilt kit I had brought with me for the long drive home. When the chairs were bolted back down I signed the papers and we headed out.

My first driving impressions were favorable. The engine pulled great, the original suspension handled well and the rattles were minimal. I could already tell we would have no issues driving it all 2,000 miles home to Colorado. We met the girls at Rick's where he let me try out his R8 (awesome!). Jenn may have tried to trade away our new coupe; fortunately for my article he said no. After saying goodbyes, we left for Colorado (in the wrong direction).


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