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LC60291 - Part 5: Conclusion

LC60291 - Part 5: Conclusion

1999 BMW M Coupe in Arctic Silver over Black

Fortunately, the delay in this conclusion article was not due to anything besides my own busyness. The new OEM Sachs clutch kit arrived safely to Alex's and was installed without any significant issues. Alex got the coupe back to me, and it drives like a dream. I'm a little jealous of the nice, crisp shift feel after the shift pin service. The bummer is that there's a 500-600 mile break-in period for the new clutch where you're not supposed to shift over 4k rpm. Man, it's hard to short-shift; it feels so unnatural in a coupe. The break-in period ends right at 100,000 miles which will be a fun celebration for the new owner.

When I got the coupe back, I had a couple finishing touches that I had had on order. We replaced the AC/recirculate button that had a crack in it, replaced the door handle gaskets that were cracked, replaced the control button for the passenger seat which was cracked and loose, finished removing the windshield tint (Black Magic tint remover works great), and put a new sticker on the rear ///M badge.

In the end, it turned out to be a great looking, very well sorted coupe. Here's a summary:

Exterior Color: Arctic Silver Metallic
Interior Color: Black Nappa
Mileage: 99,460
Rarity: 1 of 105
Clean title and Carfax and matching VIN tags

Recent Maintenance
OEM Sachs Clutch Kit
Shift Pin Service
Shifter Cup and Selector
Flex Disc (Guibo) Replaced
Amsoil for Transmission and Differential
Brake and Coolant Flush
Cooling System Overhaul
Rear Shocks

M50 Manifold
OEM Euro Floating Front Brake Rotors
Godridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines
UUC Stainless Steel Clutch Line
Black Kidney rills
///M Aftermarket Aluminum Pedals
///M Floor Mats
Silver Lug Bolts
Window Tint
Pioneer SuperTuner III D Head Unit
Rear Wiper Delete

Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Unfortunately for those interested, it's already sold. Fortunately for me, I never had to put together a sales listing; and best of all, it's staying here in town. I met Carlos at a car show in Fort Collins the very day we bought this coupe. He came over to look at mine, my dad's and Colby's coupes and talked for a while. He mentioned he would love to find a silver over black coupe. I think the stars were aligned. It was not a done deal until this week, but I'm very excited it worked out for him. I'm sure you all will be seeing it again soon in future bbq photos.

All things considered, my first project coupe experience was a great one, and I'd definitely be interested in doing it again. If you've decided to sell your coupe and think it would make an interesting project, send me an email.


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