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Video Reviews

I've been working to collect most of the video reviews of the M Coupe. They seem to be added and dropped from video services frequently, so let me know if you find any new ones or if any of the links are broken.

Top Gear

Top Gear has always been one of my favorite shows.  So if you have ever wondered what Jeremy Clarkson thought about the S50-engined M Coupe, watch this video.  Hint: “handling…perfection”.

Here's the full version that the clip above is taken from including the S50 M Coupe beating the STI and Evo VI in a drag race around 1:15:

Fifth Gear

Tiff Needell of the other British car show Fifth Gear also test drove an S50 M Coupe. Here are his thoughts:

Men and Motors

Richard Hammond of Top Gear fame did a review of a Euro-market S50 M Coupe.

He also did a comparison test against the Audi TT Coupe.

A female review by Ginny Buckley. I like the quote "looks like it came out of a cartoon".

Motor Week

While not as entertaining is its British counterparts (and slightly critical of the "compromised" styling), this Motor Week test of an S52-engined M Coupe is very informative. I thought it was interesting that their test cars were a silver sunroof-delete and a pretty rare evergreen/evergreen.


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