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Majorette BMW M Coupe Silver

A new coupe model was added to my collection today but not for display. One of my 4 year-old’s favorite activities is playing cars (I started him very young) :). In order to join in, I need to make sure I maintain a respectable fleet of Hotwheels. Hence my long search for an M Coupe to add to my 1:64 scale garage. As Hotwheels, Matchbox, nor any other U.S. brand of toy cars makes an M Coupe, I had to look elsewhere. I eventually discovered the brand Majorette in France. I’ve seen a couple of their cars on Ebay but never in a U.S. store.

It’s listed as a Z3 Coupe, but it’s most definitely a European M Coupe. It has the M front bumper, side grills, quad exhaust, and the Euro license plate on the hatch. I’ve seen them in black, navy blue (?), red, pale mint green, and silver. Being me, I had to seek out the hardest one to find: silver. They also had different style wheels available. Some of the older styles look terrible, so I was after a silver one with the most modern looking wheels. I saw them come up for sale from time to time, but always with overseas shipping costs so ridiculous that I could not justify the expense for what is basically a $1 Hotwheels. Needless to say, it was a multi-year search that only came to fruition today. I must say I’m very happy with my purchase. The quality is pretty decent, and my son was very excited to discover that the hatch opens.

Majorette BMW M Coupe Silver

Several years ago, my son was given a pretty amazing, wooden town by a neighbor that he spends hours playing with (and I have as well). After nap time this afternoon, we were excited to take the new coupe for a spin. He recently evicted me from the very spacious fire station into a smaller ranch home with only a single car garage. With the tight quarters, I had no choice but to relegate my Ferraris 288 GTO and FF out to the yard. I think the M Coupe will be my daily driver/around-town car with my FF’s AWD being used in poor weather and my mint, pearl white 288 GTO for Sunday drives and car shows.

Majorette BMW M Coupe Silver

Excited to show off my new ride, we put together a little BMW get together at the local mechanic/gas station/Starbucks. Two E90 M3s showed up (one being Todd’s) as well as Colby in his alpine white over imola M Roadster. Everyone seemed to like the new coupe. The meet was interrupted by Mom calling us upstairs for dinner, so the coupe is parked back in the garage until tomorrow. 1:64 scale life is eerily similar to my full size one.


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