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A Shipping Saga – Part 2

The saga continues… Monday afternoon I received word from the dealership owner that the truck was fixed and headed this way. The driver called and said he planned to drive as far as possible Monday night, hit it hard on Tuesday, and should be here by Wednesday. It’s not going to happen, but it’s not really his fault this time. He just called to let me know a couple hours ago he was randomly selected for an Inspection 2 at a weigh station in Iowa and they found a couple minor things he has to fix before they’ll let him continue. He said things should be straightened out soon, and he’ll be on his way again. He’s still 665 miles away, so I’m pretty sure he won’t make it today, but I feel like I’m getting the truth now. He even sent me a couple photos while he was waiting for his truck to get fixed. The coupe looks good, and I’m glad to see the dealership didn’t put on a tacky logo! It also seems to be in ok company. I think I can see an Audi behind it, BMW above it, and Cadillac DTS in front of it. One more day…


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