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SOLD on or around January 5, 2024

134,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1999 BMW M Coupe in Arctic Silver Metallic over Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Arctic Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Engine S52
  • Other Attributes Subframe Reinforcement

Seller Description

1999 BMW M Coupe
134,200 miles
Exterior color: Arctic Silver Metallic
Interior color: Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
Engine: S52
Other attributes: subframe reinforcement
Location: Owego, NY – registered & licensed in NY
Price: will consider offers over $20K - not interested in trades

Straight body, good condition for age & mileage, needs some TLC, 3 accidents (only 2 show in CarFax report) - was in southern California until late-2022 when it was trailered to NY - it spent the winter in the garage and has never been driven in snow or on salted roads

One of the known weaknesses of the M Coupe is the subframe - over time the subframe cracks and needs to be repaired - reinforcing the subframe costs $2500 to $3000 - the subframe on this vehicle has been repaired and reinforced

I made a mistake when I replaced the rear shocks last year – instead of replacing the worn-out Bilsteins I let the shop install OEM shocks – after driving with Bilsteins for 10+ years the OEM shocks feel very soft and mushy – this car needs high-performance shocks if you want to drive it aggressively

I had the car listed in July 2023 for $17,500 – at the time I was unaware of the price history provided at MCoupeBuyersGuide (.com) – to find this guide Google “mcoupe buyers guide price vs mileage” – the first search result will take you to a page with two pricing charts – the first chart shows asking prices vs mileage and the second chart is sales price vs mileage

Based on the sales price vs mileage chart this car is worth $22-24,000 – the subframe reinforcement and recent maintenance would push it towards the higher end of this range – I’m going to knock $2,000 off to cover shifter work and curb rash on the wheels – that puts the expected sales price range at $20-22,000

While you are at MCoupeBuyersGuide (.com) you can shop for other M Coupes that are currently for sale and look at ones that have recently sold

Significant vehicle repairs / maintenance:
09/2023 - 134K miles - slave cylinder replaced, new shifter installed
10/2022 - 133K miles - rear tires and shocks replaced
08/2019 - 128K miles - tie rods & control arms replaced - 4-wheel alignment
06/2016 - 120K miles - VANOS system rebuilt, clutch replaced, clutch slave & master cylinders replaced, thermostat & housing replaced, subframe reinforced, front bumper replaced
08/2015 - 118K miles - brake pads & rotors replaced, cam sensor replaced

TLC needed
> Shifter: needs shifter linkage rebuild and possibly new shift detents
> Oil temp. gage: needs replacement – it sticks – temp. sensor has been replaced (a used gage is included with sale – the gage is no longer available from BMW)
> Center console: panel is cracked just above A/C switch (see image) (a new panel is included with sale – the panel is black, BMW no longer sells the blue panel)
> Wheels: rims have curb rash - left rear is worst
> Sun visors: both need replacement
> Sunroof: gasket around glass needs replacement
> Driver seat: bolster on left side needs leather dye
> Rear spoiler: sun-faded - needs replacement
> Rubber seals around tail lights & doors: need replacement
> Passenger window: needs adjustment – there is wind noise at freeway speeds


Binghamton, NY

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Posted: 1/7/2024 8:34:13 PM by Jon Martin

Sold to Dan. Congrats!

Posted: 12/28/2023 9:05:26 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $19,250 from $19,900. Somebody snag it.

Posted: 12/8/2023 8:40:55 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $19,900 from $20,350 which is an even better deal

Posted: 12/3/2023 2:03:17 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $20,350 from $21,000

Posted: 11/12/2023 12:31:56 AM by Jon Martin

It's back on the market after a few months off. Since then the seller has replaced the slave cylinder and shifter. They are also including a new center console and an oil temp gauge. It's a little bit of a project, but it still seems like a good deal to me.

Posted: 7/15/2023 8:14:17 AM by Jon Martin

The listing expired, but I assume it must have sold in this time.

Posted: 6/14/2023 11:32:40 AM by Jon Martin

It needs some TLC, but has even more maintenance already done including subframe reinforcement. It seems like a great light project opportunity. I wish I was in the market as it's a great deal.

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