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SOLD on or around January 27, 2020

149,249 miles

Asking Price: $13,368
1999 BMW M Coupe in Estoril Blue Metallic over Dark Beige Oregon
  • Exterior Color Estoril Blue Metallic
  • Interior Color Dark Beige Oregon
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

 Hello Friends,

First off I would like to thank you for visiting this listing. If you found yourself here then I am certain you do not need me to preface the vehicle you are going to read about. For starters I would like to apologize in advance, the reason for my apology comes from a place where I, like you, have a love for cars. This listing might hurt you for this car has not seen love for many years. Which I am both sorry and embarrassed about. However the reality is we are only looking toward the future and in this future I know one of you will give this little coupe the love and respect it deserves. She has been the subject of the absolute best times of my adolescence and young adulthood, and I know that it will contribute the same to whatever stage you are in the wonderful journey of life.

They say that all good things must come to an end, and because of that I bid farewell to my coupe. I am looking for someone to return this coupe back to the glory and pridefulness in which she used to have.

This little coupe I call MMBACON has seen much better days. She lived rent free in the back of my mind ever since she was replaced by an impeccable low mileage supercharged example in 2015. Since that time MMBACON has only been driven close to 600 miles.

Describing this specific vehicle is quite easy, she needs work, mechanically she's almost perfect to the best of my knowledge, but the hot Miami sun has not been kind to the exterior, nor have the Miami drivers!

Describing the Clownshoe is tough. You either get it, or you don't. You either love the quirky shooting brake look or think damn thats one ugly car, but either way you still look at it for as long as its at the light. Something about dem hips maybe, I don't know, it's a special car. Which reminds me, if you're an introvert who doesn't enjoy talking to strangers whilst getting out of your car or pumping gas, don't get this car. It's actually unreasonable how many people approach you, both car enthusiast and not alike. The biggest surprise comes when you tell em its over 20 years old and they can probably afford it.

Anyways, I probably don't need to tell you the stories, you know that this was a project designed after hours by the BMW engineers who fumbled together parts of other cars to make the true ultimate driving machine. This thing drives phenomenal, best way to describe it, is like driving a GoKart. It's honestly amazing. This car wasn't supposed to be made, heck it didn't even sell well. Only 2,858 were ever made. Total Number in Estoril Blue Metallic over Dark Beige Oregon for the 1999 Model Year with a Sunroof sits at 36 total.

I was hoping in writing this that I would convince myself to not sell the Shoe as she's been with me since 2011. Let's see how this goes though. I know the market well, as the owner of two of them (had to collect the pair of shoes) I follow the market and know that this will be the cheapest one available, the issues with the car will be listed below. I am a very honest individual who also has an eye to criticize just about ever flaw of this car, so brace yourself.

Known issues:
Needs a complete repaint, car looks like a blue rainbow in the sun, was the victim of a hit and run in my parking lot, $1200 later the repaired color wasn't quite right with the sun damaged parts. However I did fix the rear bumper and rear passenger quarter panel.
Air bag light is on, was told it needs a new seat belt pretensioner
Seat bolsters are rough, when I bought her in 2011 they were rough, but now we talking giant hole in the driver bolster. One of my favorite past times in the car was directing the passengers how to get into the car to avoid damaging the bolster more.
Sagging glove box, happens to just about every single Clownshoe. Easily repaired with a $30 bracket that I of course purchased...multiple times, yet never installed (classic Jimmy)
No subwoofer. No idea where she went but she wasn't there in 2011. Previous owner installed an aftermarket subwoofer that didn't match the car. I introduced that subwoofer to a green dumpster shortly after my purchase. The good news is you have a CD player that works at least and I do have the radio code! ;)
There is a crack on the center console right next to the AC button. This was done by a local shop that I will not name when they replaced the AC button. It erks me more than any other issue in the car.
Passenger Window Switch. It fell, into the center console, literally earlier today when I was taking photos of the car. The window works, just the button fell down to oblivion, easy to fix but i'll give you that pleasure, so it looks like you'll be driving home with just one window down my friend
The AC control center in the back side is messed up and broke, I know this is common thing that breaks with these cars but basically its stuck on a temperature that it broke at. So its not that the AC isn't functioning but rather its just stuck on an unpleasant lets say 76 degrees.
Front right turn signal is not working. It just blinks really fast telling me that it doesn't work. It's not the bulb, it's just the headlights are honestly terrible Chinese ones. Please change them, they look terrible.
The top of the steering wheel is getting rough, think thats just that Miami sun I was talking about.
Needs windshield wiper covers. Oh and a good time to tell you that it's a rear wiper delete. Makes the car much cleaner in my opinion.
The front bumper has a big ol crack. Not sure how to describe it, just take a look at the pictures. This was my fault. I don't want to talk about that, it's between me and the rebar that was sticking out of that parking stop at that Taco Bell back in '15. Oh and so many rock chips.
Did I mention the paint is terrible? Yeah its bad. Needs to be repainted. A recent addition to the car is a small part on the roof that has completely lost its paint and has led to a little bit of surface rust. Picture provided.
There's a crack on the driver speaker, it bothers me a lot, thought I should share. Most of you wouldn't notice.
Driver door, see this is an interesting one, because this was replaced a few years ago. However it was never perfect. It still is a bit difficult to open the door, i'm an expert in hitting the right spot, but that valet guy...good luck.
Seals around the door handle rotting
Needs new tints all around, unless you like that fishbowling life
The side mirrors base might have rust under them, I think thats why they look like that. Have a look at the pics I honestly don't know why it looks like that
Rear trunk strut isn't that strong, sometimes it holds, sometimes it doesn't. Watch your head!

If you made it this far, congrats! You now get rewarded with the good stuff about this car!

It runs! Last time I had her thoroughly checked by Bavarian Car Care it was mechanically perfect. Only suggestion was the Seat Belt thing for the air bag which I did not do because I was already there to replace the alternator. Suprise! New alternator, well new 1 year ago on January 19th. But it's had maybe 100 miles since I had it put in. Paid a full year insurance for 100 miles. Love that. (Classic Jimmy)
Brand new interstate battery! That happened today.
As you can see the car has BBS Reps. They are a brand called Lenso. The good news is if you don't like the wheels I still have the stock ones and I will gladly swap those out if you prefer the Roadstars.
Comes with 1 key only, I do have the alarm fob of the Clifford Alarm which is kinda cool. It goes beep beep.

The following below are notable things the car came with when I bought them.
H&R Sport Springs
Bilstein Sport Shocks
Rogue Rear Upper Strut Mounts
Shark Injector
ECIS Intake
Magnaflow 14815 Exhaust
Clifford Alarm
AC Schnitzer Pedals
AC Schnitzer Shift Knob (probably change this as it spins around and around)
AC Schnitzer E-brake
Whalen Passenger Seat Rail Bushings
Black Kidney and Side Grills
Rear Wiper Shaved
Beisan Systems Vanos Seals and Rattle Repair Kit
Thanks for visiting my listing, some of y'all probably didn't enjoy this, but if you did and think that this project might be for you then please don't hesitate to contact me. Not a big fan of the old negotiation dance. You can shoot me an offer though, I probably wont accept it though, okay maybe I will, depends how I am feeling. I think its priced fairly for you to negotiate a bit out of me. Like I said I am a very honest seller, I think I covered everything but if something comes up i'll update the listing. Hit me up if you wanna check out the car. Take her for a spin, heck even if you don't want to buy it come on over you might find yourself surprised when you drive it, guarantee you'll fall in love as I did back in 2011.



Miami, FL

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Posted: 1/29/2020 3:15:30 PM by Jon Martin

Bought now for $13,368

Posted: 1/8/2020 9:22:40 AM by Jon Martin

I very much enjoyed reading the description. It needs some work, but it's definitely worth saving. It has been 8.5 years since we last saw this coupe. The price seems very fair to me.

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