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Helplessly in the Grip

Henry is able to put into words what so many of us feel about our coupes.

Okay, is anyone else as helplessly in the grip of this car as I am?

I found mine a little over a year ago and I am just goofy stupid in its thrall. I do this kind of thing on Saturday mornings:

Up to help excellent spouse get ready for work (yes, works on Saturdays), pick suitable driving shoes, leave note for snoozing son, grab iPad and fire up the Coupe. This morning's poor excuse for a drive was "something I left at work", which could of course easily wait for Monday - unless you own an MCoupe and the sun is out.

Burble slowly out of my neighborhood, stay slow on wonderful winding road near home because it's actually slick on winter mornings until the sun dries it out. Start shaking it out a little on the parkway downriver towards town, rip it up a little on the exit/entrance ramps then ease back in the City. Park in garage, fetch BS item "needed" from office, fire it back up then loop around to try to snag a parking spot near my favorite non-Starbucks coffee shop. Lucked into one across the street in a delivery zone, free until 9:30AM.

Then I enter the coffee shop, get my drink, and make a beeline for a seat by the window - where I simply stare, giggle, and gaze again at my freaking car out the window. No kidding, I spent a full half hour sipping hot coffee and vaguely scanning the newspaper on my iPad, but mostly looking, just looking and looking at my car.

I can't take my eyes off it. The rippling bulges, the long ugly snout, hips, wheels, tires, I just keep sucking it in through my eyeballs like some long, irresistible opium smoke. The view really wasn't that great, you know, no "pole position" or anything but it doesn't stop me even a little; it's really all I can do there - keep staring at my car.

Then, when the 9:30 time limit expires, I'm back in, she's all warmed up, the caffeine has hit my bloodstream and then it's a total yahoo blast back upriver. Good heavens what an engine. It makes flexing my right ankle almost as good (at my age) as the old elbow flex. Sorry, a little crude there but the thought actually did occur to me easing back from 110 on the short stretch before exit ramp. 

Back now in the Starbucks near town. My son dozes on, this place is crowded and I couldn't park within sight because I live in a town of door-dinging, double-parking jerks. Still, she's safely parked up and out of harm's way, I snagged a seat in this loud overpriced joint and finally figured out how to join CoupeCartel on FB. Thought I'd check to see if anyone else creates little phony outings like these just to get another hit on the MCoupe pipe. Going to surf this buzz the rest of my day...


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