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"Best Product We Ever Made"

I get to hear lots of good coupe stories, so I thought I would start posting them in a new category. This first one is from Maurice who is currently looking to purchase back his original coupe as shown above.

When the car was about 6 months old, I drove it from Houston to Spartanburg (I went to college in Spartanburg and make the trip back frequently).  I was working for BMW in Houston at the time and stopped in Atlanta at the southern region headquarters to have lunch with some of the regional managers.  We drove to lunch in another car and when we were pulling back into parking lot afterwards, one of the BMW guys in the car spots my M Coupe and got as excited as a kid on Christmas morning.  He said “Where did that M Coupe come from?  Who drove that today?”  I raised my hand from the back seat and said it was mine.  We parked next to it and everyone had to get out and take a look at it.  One of the guys in the group said “I love these.  That’s the best product we ever made.”  I don’t think I would have gotten that much attention if I had pulled up in an M1.


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