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SOLD on or around October 6, 2010

35,000 miles

Asking Price: $23,000
2002 BMW M Coupe in Black Sapphire Metallic over Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Black Sapphire Metallic
  • Interior Color Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Engine S54

Seller Description

2002 S54 up for sale. The car is stock except for the stage one Dinan software that brings the redline back up to 8100rpms and the hp back to 329. 36K miles, garage kept. Clean carfax. There's the normal road rash and wear and tear, otherwise is awesome condition.

Here's the email I got in response to my inquiry with some more information:

"The car is in great condition except for the normal wear and tear in the usual spots. The BMW emblem in the back has peeled off.

I guess it's a sapphire black with black and red interior. It's a metallic black if that helps. I had a full inspection done last year when another potential buyer wanted the car, however the wife changed her mind. We took it to a speed shop that specializes in Bimmers and the owner didn't even charge for the inspection because he liked the car so much. I actually learned a lot about the car from spending an hour and a half talking to him!

I can work on getting pics, but frankly I'm just tired of answering email after email from people that don't "get" the car. I've actually put the car up for sale several times, but my wife always changes her mind at the last minute when it hits home that the M is going. We're selling now because we're talking about getting a boat.

Little history: I'm sure you're aware of the issues with the early production S54s. Well this particular car blew it's motor at around 10k miles, BMW replaced the motor as part of the warranty. I am the third owner of the car. My wife and I bought it in VA Beach from a BMW enthusiaist that had several Bimmers. That owner did the Dinan Stage 1 chip to bring the redline back to 8100rms, so I'm told it's cranking out 329hp.

I'll work on the pics. I'm in the DC area."


Washington, DC

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My Comments

Sold 10/6/10 - Enthusiast Auto finally bought this coupe for $22,000. I still can't believe it lasted this long.

8/4/10 Update - The seller just let me know he's reducing the price to $23,000 from $25,000. I can't believe this hasn't sold yet. He hasn't renewed his Craigslist ad yet, but you can contact me for his email address.

6/8/10 Update - The seller mentions having had the car listed before. I learned it went so far as to have a price agreed to and a PPI done before the seller removed it from the market. The seller guarantees me this time it is going for sure.

Black Sapphire Metallic with Imola Red interior makes this just one of 17 in that color combination. Not only is it rare, but it's one of my favorite color combinations and a fair price for the miles. If you don't know, having had the S54 engine replaced under warranty is actually a big plus and eliminates one of the worries about buying an S54 engined car. The Dinan software is also nice. It looks like it has a couple cosmetic issues on the exterior, but overall seems like a good deal.

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