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SOLD on or around June 16, 2011

104,000 miles

Asking Price: $16,500
1999 BMW M Coupe in Imola Red 2 over Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Imola Red 2
  • Interior Color Imola Red & Black Nappa
  • Engine S52
  • Other Attributes Forced Induction

Seller Description

99 BMW M Coupe – excellent condition, fully sorted, tastefully upgraded
Imola Red 104,xxx miles(bought w/52k) With red/black interior Body(9.5/10) Interior(9.5/10) - GREAT car, don't let the mileage scare you, it's all fresh and diligently maintained - I built it to be a great all-round Coupe, I've had several E36 M3's and E30 M3's and I took all the best I learned from those to build this car. Wanted to drive it at the street/track without losing drivability; sadly I only did one track day at Sebring and it became my commuter after that(thus the miles)...that said, I never drive it anymore now that I moved to New Orleans, streets are too full of potholes and had to get another car. Bought the car for $24,000 in 2004, plus $7000-$8000+ in added mods. - Reasonable offers considered.

AA Supercharger and intercooler, (injectors coolers etc, full-kit) 375 BHP+@ 6900 rpm, 312 ft-lbs @ 5700 rpm @ 7.0 psi
2010 Supercharger Rebuilt by Supercharger Rebuilds (new bearings and seals as preventative maint)
Aluminum thermostat housing, recent metal-impeller water pump
Custom Intermediate exhaust-section with resonators - works like a AA track pipe(original cats included to meet emissions in your state) Note: Rear mufflers are stock from a 2002 M-coupe, and flow very well.
Custom Oil Cooler - Drivers' side Fender-mounted (Victory Product Design, Aeroquip and Mocal)
Fresh Spark plugs and Belts (<2000 miles)
NEW Engine mounts (<2000 miles)
UUC Carbon Engine Cover
** NEW Motion Motorsport MZ3 Underpanel in June 2011 to tidy up the aero.

UUC NEW Lightweight Blue Anodized Stage-1 Flywheel(11 lbs) (<3000 miles)
UUC NEW Segmented Kevlar sprung-hub clutch (<3000 miles)
UUC EVO3 Short Shifter
UUC Clutch Arm Bushings
UUC Aluminum Transmission Mount Reinforcers

Custom Reinforced-Rear-Subframe-Bracing and welded reinforcements
Ireland Engineering Subframe bushings(green poly)
K-Mac Eccentric Trailing arm bushings and custom alignment
Stock Rotors/ Street/Performance pads - SEE SPARES BELOW
Bimmerworld brake cooling plates and orange silicon ducting
Motorforce Adjustable front camber plates and Aurora bearing perches - Like BMW Motorsport version
H&R Springs(Ft installed/H&R Rears included, but custom TCKline rear springs are installed)
Custom Rear spring perches and springs from TC Kline
Koni Single-Adjustable Sports Yellow(Front)
Custom top-adjustable Ground Control Koni Sport Yellow(Rear)
Rear Reinforced Aluminum Shock mounts from Ground Control

Suede Sparco 350mm Steering Wheel(looks perfect, can see gauges and use all functions)
Speedware Harness Bar with Schroth Harnesses (installed but never used)
Custom Pedal Covers
Orange-Display Alpine CD, Direct Audio in for iPod etc.
Precision power 600Watt/very professional custom 6-channel and equalizer etc
New JBL 10” sub, Alpine & MB Quart speakers - SOUND IS OUTSTANDING!!

2002 M-coupe wheels, no scratches – darker-version roadstars w/PS-2 Michelin 235/255/95%/75%tread, SEE SPARES listed below
Real Xenon Headlights/Ballasts mounted in 2001 Headlight Assemblies
Bav Auto Keyless entry
Ron Styger seat no-rock bushings
New Battery


  • Cats are removed, so it also has check engine light removed – I have the original cats and O2 sensors - the cats can be welded back in and check engine light will go back to normal functioning OR buy O2-sensor simulators to override the code. Removed about 2-ft of supercharger plumbing, combing with the cats removed, this has a much better midrange than it did with just the supercharger alone.
  • Airbag light disabled when Sparco wheel was installed, I no longer have the factory steering wheel(Sold 4-yrs ago) – but otherwise airbag system will function properly if a factory wheel is put back on the car(I’m 6’2” and I couldn’t drive the car with the BIG factory wheel).
  • For full disclosure, the hood, D/S fender and front spoiler were replaced in Mar 2005 after it got backed into - they were fixable, but I insisted on replacements because it folded the seam on the hood and I didn't want bondo :-) A few rock chips and door dings too, but all minor

All parts to return it back to stock are included too(coolers, fan, cat, airbox, spare headlights etc)

Spares, extras INCLUDED with the sale:

  • FACTORY BMW roof rack, used only to set it up on the roof, never used
  • Spare 2.93LSD w/M-Coupe cover
  • Two full-spare sets of factory roadstars:
    • Set#1: 1999 M-Coupe set, Four Toyo-RA-1, 235-wide and 255-wide approx 50% tread remaining
    • Set #2: Metallic-gloss-black-full-set all are straight and true, Two 235 PS-2 50% on fronts only, rears have no tires
  • Spare FULL set of EBC Slotted rotors w/EBC Reds(Used)

Jason Blitz


New Orleans, LA

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My Comments

Sold 6/16/11 - Sold on Ebay for $16,900 in less than a day. Great buy!

6/16/11 Update - Now listed on Ebay with a $16,900 buy-it-now.

6/14/11 Update - The seller let me know he had a BMW dealer replace the shift pins about 4,000 miles ago. If you've driven a coupe that has had the shift pin service done, you'll know it's a big plus.

This coupe was obviously built with no intention of ever selling it. It seems to be fully sorted with a lot of nice upgrades. Pretty much ever aspect of the car has been addressed. The bonus is that if there's anything you don't like, the seller will include everything needed to return it to stock. It's had a lot of recent maintenance done including a supercharger rebuild last year. Condition-wise, it seems to be remarkably clean for the mileage and the engine bay is just beautiful. The seller is an IndyCar and ALMS mechanic on the side, so you know things were installed right. I think it's priced very well considering the upgrades and condition.

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