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SOLD on or around October 26, 2011

71,000 miles

Asking Price: $8,000
1999 BMW M Coupe in Cosmos Black Metallic over Dark Gray & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Cosmos Black Metallic
  • Interior Color Dark Gray & Black Nappa
  • Engine S52
  • Title Branded

Seller Description

Selling my 1999 BMW Z3 M coupe. I will do my best to describe the car.

I purchased the car in Miami earlier in the year, Drove back to NY. I did some work to the car since i have had it, I will list it below. Recently in NY we had 12" of rain in 4 hours. Long story short, I drove the car into a puddle, The water got into the engine causing it to stall, I opened the door to push the car & Some water got inside the driver side of the car. A claim was filed with the insurance company & the car was a "Total Loss" due to the company setting the value rather low ($13k). I had the option to buy the car back from the company, Which i did. The TITLE to the vehicle was never "Branded", Due to the fact that the vehicle is over 10 years old. This is what I was told by the insurance Adjuster, Please do your own research prior to bidding. The title i have in my hand,is the same title i have had for the vehicle since i registered it in NY, Which is a clean NYS Transferrable title.\

Ok, About the car.

I was able to get the car running again, I drained the oil & refilled with fresh oil, Repeated the process 4 times until the oil was no longer contaminated with the water. This was a Fresh water flood, Not salt. There was water in 2 of the cylinders, Also in the crank case, The engine was not run with the water in it. The water did lock the engine & it would not start. The plugs were pulled, Engine cranked, Water dried, Some oil & WD 40 in the cylinders. The car does Run & Drive, It is running a code for the MASS Airflow Sensor, So you WILL NEED A MASS AIR for the vehicle, My guess is that it got wet. The clear coat on the hood is peeling in one big area, It is not pictured because it was caused by the rain, There was no sign of it prior to the storm as you can see in the pictures. The Trunk, Fenders & Doors Have OEM Vin Tags, The Hood has R DOT Vin tags (OEM BMW Replacement). The driver side of the carpet is CUT, I cut the carpet out so i could get the water out. The carpet in the M Coupe has about 2.5" of foam padding on the bottom, There is no drying it. THE CAR NEEDS A CARPET. The headliner in the car was done in Black Suede as well as the B & C Pillars. The glue that was used could not handle the 120+ Degree temperatures inside the car & did let got of the headliner itself, The pillars are fine. So the headliner does need to be fixed.

There are some dings on the body, You can see most of them in the pictures listed of the Photobucket account. Some scratches also, The car is 12 years old.

I have done the folowing in the last 4 months :

18" Privat Legende wheels 8.5" &9.5"
Falken Aziens Tires 235 & 255
H&R Lowering Springs
Front & Rear Shock/Stut Mounts
Rear Bilstein Sport Shocks
Clutch slave cylinder
Clutch master cylinder
Idler plly
Tensioner pully
Water Pump (metal Impeller)
Thermostat Housing (Metal)
Coolant flush (hepa coolant added)
Smoked Bumper & Side market lights
Black front grills
driver side seat "Rocking" fix
Sagging glove box Fixed
New driveshaft Guibo

I did my best to describe the car. Please E-Mail me if you have any questions & you are actually interested in buying the car.

Trade, Yes only for the following : Trailblazer SS, CTS-V, E46 M3 6sp Under 65k miles, E92 M3, E55, C55, C32, S2000, 135, 335, 07+350Z...

Stock Wheels & tires are included. The stock tires need to be changed, they have loud road noise. Stock rims could use a refinish, they are not perfect.

Previous Listing:
1999 E36 BMW Z3 M Coupe
68,000 Miles
5 Speed Manual trans
Heated power seats
Moon Roof
Pwr Windows/Locks/Steering
New Rims, Tire, Hydraulic Clutch system..

Comes with 2 sets of wheels, Stock & ones pictured below.

If you are interested in seeing the car please E-Mail me your phone number

This car is 1 of 49 made in 1999 with Black exterior/Black Gray interior
1 of 4000 EVER MADE

Car has a clean Carfax/Autocheck as well as a clean NYS title



Long Island, NY

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Sold 10/26/11 - This did end up selling for $8,500.

9/25/11 Update - Ebay auction ended with no takers at $8,500

9/22/11 Update - Evidently the buyer flaked so it's back on Ebay at $1,300 less than what it was bid up to last time ($8,500).

Sold 9/20/11 - Sold to a high bid of $9,867 which is quite a bit higher than he had it listed for on Craigslist. Unfortunately the high bidder was someone with 0 feedback so hopefull it goes through.

9/20/11 Update - Bidding up to $9,475 with 0.5 hour left.

9/19/11 Update - Bidding up to $7,700

9/18/11 Update - Now up to $7,600

9/17/11 Update - Now up to $7,300

9/16/11 Update - Bidding now up to $6,800

9/14/11 Update - Now listed on Ebay at $6,500 with no reserve! The seller does a great job describing the specific issues. It's great that it is running again. The interior carpet and headliner are findable and it helps that they are the more common black ones. I'm not sure quiet how to describe the title. It was a total loss but apparently clean. That's a big plus for the buyer, but I think I'm going to leave it "branded" just to bring buyer attention to the fact of it's flooding incident. It could be a great deal on a project car for someone as the seller has done a lot of great recent maintenance.

8/30/11 Update - Unfortunately this coupe was flooded . It's now listed at $8,000 down from $18,000. Could make a good project for someone.

7/8/11 Update - Added a lot more, very nice photos.

7/4/11 Update - Now posted on E46 Fanatics for $18,000 firm

6/13/11 Update - The wheels are Privat Legende's which appear to be a Kinesis K58 rep. They look really nice. In the last few months, the seller has repaired/replaced the following:

1: Driver side window is now fixed
2: Glove box no longer sags
3: Driver seat no longer rocks back and forth
4: New clutch, T/O Bearing, Slave Cylinder, Master cylinder
5: New rear shocks (Bilstein)
6: New Guibdo
7: New 18" Private Wheels With Falken Aziena Tires (New Stlye) 30mm Spacer on rear
8: H&R Drop springs
9: Oil change, filter, Spark plugs
10: Tensioner Pully, Idler Pully, Belts (2 Belts)
11: Water pump & Cooling system flush
12: Metal thermostat housing W/ New thermostat

It does have a small dent on driver side rear quarter panel. Somone bumped it very lightly when parking, Overall the body is in good shape. I think considering the recent maintenance (which should take care of it for quite some time) it's a pretty good deal. More photos are coming soon.

This coupe looks to be in nice shape from the single photo. The wheels look great. I'd be interested to know what they are. It's nice that has new tires and clutch. I think the price is fair for the mileage if the condition is as good as it looks.

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