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SOLD on or around July 29, 2011

70,800 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2000 BMW M Coupe in Cosmos Black Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Cosmos Black Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S52
  • Other Attributes Subframe Reinforcement

Seller Description

With regret, I am posting my 2000 BMW M Coupe for sale. I love this car, but it just doesn’t fit in my growing family so I’m hoping to pass it along to another enthusiast who will appreciate this car as much or even more than I do.

Car Details:
MY2000, BMW M Coupe
VIN: available on request
Exterior: Cosmos Black
Interior: Black Nappa
Mileage: 70,8xx – still drive occasionally

I am the 2nd owner, having owned the car since early 2003. It currently has ~71K miles. I have driven the car approximately 36K or a little over 4K/yr during my ownership. I have done most of the maintenance myself over the years and have receipts for just about everything. I also have detailed records in Excel showing when mods were installed, maintenance performed, etc….The car has been very reliable and hasn’t needed anything beyond normal maintenance. I have never tracked the car, but I have gone to the occasional BMWCCA autox, perhaps 3-4 times in total. The same was true of the PO. Needless to say, the car does have some modifications.

The car has been recently serviced. This includes an oil change, brake fluid flush and complete F&R OEM brake rotor and Hawk HPS pad replacement. Beyond the maintenance already performed, the car requires a new set of tires (currently has Kumho MX 235F/255R) and new serpentine belts although neither are super urgent. Since I am no longer driving the car, I have elected to leave the tires for now so the new owner can choose their own replacements. The existing Kumho’s are probably good for another 3-5K.

The paint is not perfect thanks to horrible CA roads. It’s decent, but you’re not going to win a concours with it. There are paint chips in the bumper, hood and fender wings. The front bumper has some hairline cracks as well. It has over 70K miles so it comes with the mileage and driving conditions. I have always used Klasse AIO and glaze with occasional clay bar so the paint without chips/scratches is in great shape. Since the car is black, some of these flaws are more noticeable than on other colors. The interior is in great shape given the age/mileage. Very minor signs of wear on the driver’s seat bolster, but that’s about it. Floormats are new.

There is no stereo installed. The PO took this out to install an VDO oil pressure gauge and I’ve left it that way. I’m not an audiophile by any stretch. I no longer have the original BMW Business cassette stereo, but they aren’t very good anyway. I do have all of the remaining stereo components including the amp, subwoofer enclosure, speakers, etc….so it can be returned back to stock with an afternoon of work if you get a stereo. I would recommend installing the VDO oil pressure gauge in the analog clock position if you were to do so for a clean OEM look. The analog clock would be superfluous with a stereo that shows time. I prefer the existing location since it’s easier to keep an eye on though.

Although the Carfax is clean, the car has been in a minor accident. I was rear-ended at a yield sign at ~5mph in 2004. This required replacement of the rear bumper and bumper supports, but there was no structural damage. Have all receipts and original estimate was <$750 so it was not reported to DMV and thus, does not show up on a Carfax report. All work done by B-Line in San Jose who is known for their great paintwork on BMWs. I paid out of pocket $500 additional beyond the estimate to get it repaired there to my satisfaction. Repair is fully documented of course.

Additional pictures available upon request.

Mod List: (This car is not stock, but it is so much better this way I would do it again in a heartbeat.)

TMS (Conforti) chip
Jim Conforti Air intake
Dual Magnaflow "14815" exhaust (have stock mufflers)
S54 M Coupe Oil Cooler - keeps temps <220F even in summer
M50 Manifold Conversion w/ Eurosport adapter & injector cover
ASC throttle body delete (have original, can swap back in)

UUC StageII Lightweigt Flywheel (LFW), 8.5lb, E34 M5 Clutch
Stainless steel clutch line
JTD Transmission Mount reinforcement rings
Diff = Stock 3.23. (Korman Motorsports rebuilt 3.73 available for additional $500)

TCKline True Match S/A coil-over
Vogtland Springs - 450lb (front)/600lb (rear)
Koni Yellow Externally Adjustable Shocks (rebound only)
BunaN RSM (Rear Shock Mounts) - much stronger than stock
TCKline Camber/Caster Plates
Adjustable front sway bar end-links (Ground Control)
Sway bars (24mm front, 22mm rear)
KMAC eccentric rear trailing arm bushings (adjust camber/toe)
Ireland Engineering subframe bushings
Subframe diff mount reinforced by BMW
Small tow hook receiver (1 ½”) to accommodate small trailer or bike rack

VDO oil pressure gauge (installed in stereo slot)
Window tint all around
1 & ½” Trailer Hitch (can tow small tire trailer/bikes)
Stereo not installed (Have all components except headunit)
Clear Corners & Silverstar bulbs

Stock 'Roadstar' Wheels - Refinished in 'Gunmetal' Powdercoat
Brand new OEM Brake Rotors F&R
Brand new HAWK HPS Brake Pads
Kumho Ecsta MX tires (235 front/255 rear)

Engine: every 5K or 1yr, Mobil 1 5w30 full synth or Castrol Syntec 5W-30
Brakes: ATE Super Blue/Gold
Tranny: Redline Mix (based on UUC recommendation with LFW)
Diff: Redline 75W-90


San Jose, CA

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My Comments

Sold 7/29/11 - Sale pending

6/20/11 Update - Price reduced to $17,500 from $19,000 making it a pretty good deal.

This coupe has been around a long time and seems to have been treated very well. All of the upgrades are very nice and agree that they make it a better car. The seller is obviously honest as he points out an accident that you never would have known of otherwise. The price is on the slightly higher side for the mileage, but it's full of great upgrades and you could be confident you would be getting a no stories car.

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