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SOLD on or around February 9, 2014

98,734 miles

Asking Price: $16,900
2000 BMW M Coupe in Titanium Silver Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

It’s not often that a car that comes from across the pond becomes a desirable collector car as soon as it hits American soil.  But there is a major exception for this ultra rare 2000 BMW M coupe.  A total of 2180 of these BMW’s were slotted for North America from 1998-2000. Out of those only 544 were Titanium Silver as this one is advertised here today on ebay.  This little pocket rocket was fun to drive and with its unique bubble back design you couldn’t help but stare when this zipped down the streets of America.  Love it or hate it, the BMW was the rarest car in its class.  But for those that loved it new that this car was in a class of its own.  Once you got past the design of the exterior and entered the cockpit as the driver, the interior would wrap around you like a form fitting leather glove.  Every option was within a finger’s length from you and the short through 5 speed wound out the powerful six cylinder under the hood and made you feel as though you were driving down a long winding mountain side road even if you were sitting still in traffic.

As you can see from the pictures below, this car presents very well for being all original and carrying only 98k miles.  The original paint shines very good and still has a smooth touch and high gloss appearance.  There is below normal wear on the outside for its age and miles.  It has all four original BMW rims and are all in good condition showing normal wear.  Also notice the factory sunroof option.  This was very rare since most were ordered without sunroofs.  The tires are in excellent condition showing plenty of tread.  All the lights, marker lights and lenses work as they should.    Please view the many pictures we have provided along with a video and let us know of any questions you may have.

As you can see from the pictures this interior is bone stock and original in every sense.   The carpet is in excellent condition.  The dash and door panels are in excellent condition as well.  No cracks, splits or damage to either the dash or door panels. The headliner appears to be in new condition.  Every power option works in the car including a/c and heat.  The picture of the dash cluster was taken while the car was running and there are no warning lights and/or check engine lights.   This was truly a non smoker vehicle. The rear seat is in excellent condition.  The interior even come complete with owner’s manuals and a few maintenance receipts.  Please view the many pictures we have provided along with a video and let us know of any questions you may have.

The factory S52 3.2L inline 6 provided 240 horses and was only made for North America.  The M Coupe was 199 lbs lighter then the convertible and an over 2 and ½ times stiffer suspension.   The car runs and drives perfect.  It is very fast, very nimble and very sturdy. The engine purrs as it should and produces flawless power with no taps, knocks or smoke.  The 5 speed gear box shift precise and strong with no noise and/or slips.  The cross drilled rotors provide cool safe stopping and all belts, hoses, suspension and tires are in excellent condition including the dual exhaust.  Please view the many pictures we have provided along with a video and let us know of any questions you may have.


Pro-Sport Motors
Conshohocken, PA

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Posted: 2/9/2014 9:13:19 PM by Jon Martin

Sold to a high bid of $16,900. Now I really bet they wish they had let the earlier auctions with bids up to $20,001 and $18,077 meet the reserve.

Posted: 2/9/2014 2:07:31 PM by Jon Martin

Bidding at $16,900 with 5 hours left

Posted: 2/4/2014 7:56:31 PM by Jon Martin

Bidding now up to $16,100

Posted: 2/2/2014 5:48:41 AM by Jon Martin

Bidding now up to $15,600

Posted: 1/31/2014 8:57:38 AM by Jon Martin

Price still pretty good this morning at $12,200

Posted: 1/30/2014 9:43:06 PM by Jon Martin

I love no reserve auctions! This one is starting at just $200. It's funny that the new listing advertises the sunroof as something rare and says: "This was very rare since most were ordered without sunroofs". It also has another new photos set.

Posted: 12/15/2013 9:07:10 PM by Jon Martin

Bidding got up to $18,077. Another fair price for it.

Posted: 12/1/2013 8:14:35 PM by Jon Martin

Bidding actually got up to $20,001 but did not meet the reserve (but should have)

Posted: 11/24/2013 11:16:22 PM by Jon Martin

Now on Ebay too with some better photos

Posted: 11/20/2013 8:25:05 PM by Jon Martin

It looks really nice for the mileage. It's pretty much all stock besides the Euro clear corners, ///M trunk mat, cross-drilled brake rotors and shift knob.

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