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SOLD on or around May 4, 2011

99,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2000 BMW M Coupe in Titanium Silver Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S52
  • Title Branded

Seller Description

2000 mcoupe 99k miles silver. Salvage title no frame damage can e-mail carfax..Runs and drives perfect. . All this stuff is new on the car:s54 radiator,stat,water pump & alum housing,belts, hoses,coolant, trany fluid,diff fluid,o2 sensors on bank 1,rear shocks, e46 mounts and reinforcements,rear discs&pads,engine mounts,center support bearing,flex disc,alternator,ps2 michelins all4, .Everything stock except for ACSchnizter exhaust new $2300.Also have the stock exhaust. Can send pix if intrested 11,600


Sacramento, CA

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4/24/11 Update - Price reduced to $10,200 from $11,600

4/16/11 Update - Relisted at $11,600 down from $12,200. I think it's a pretty good deal now.

3/23/11 Update - Relisted with a reduced price at $12,200 down from $12,900

3/4/11 Update - I guess this coupe did not sell back in February. It's been relisted for $12,900 up from the previous $11,000.

1/31/11 Update - Price lowered to $11,000 from $13,400. I think it's a pretty decent deal now.

1/28/11 Update - Price lowered to $13,400 from $13,800 and a few more photos added. The interior is solid black.

Despite the salvage title, it looks like he has done all the right upgrades and maintenance for a coupe near 100k miles. No mention of the interior color but it kind of looks like the dark gray over black two-tone in the photo. The price doesn't seem to be discounted a whole lot with the salvage title, but with all the recent maintenance, it's probably in better condition than a lot of higher mileage, clean titled coupes out there.

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