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SOLD on or around August 22, 2013

20,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1999 BMW M Coupe in Alpine White 3 over Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Alpine White 3
  • Interior Color Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Engine S52
  • Other Attributes Sunroof-Delete

Seller Description

99 MCoupe with 20k miles, $15.5k/OBO. The car was purchased new by Koala Motorsports and soon after track prepped for stock classes in SCCA and CCA. After they retired it from racing they used it for promotional purposes. I bought it from Koala in 2007 with 14k miles and used it to instruct with CCA, NASA, etc, and have driven it about 10-12 weekends. It passes GA emissions. I've only tracked it once in the last 2 years and it's time for someone else to enjoy it.

Engine and drivetrain
Healthy s52 with stock internals, 20k miles
Refreshed by Koala at 8k miles (everything was perfect)
Compression 195-200 all cylinders (200 mi ago)
Custom TRM tune, 222 RWHP/200 TQ @ 5850 RPM (300 mi ago)
New Bosch 24# injectors
S54 oil filter housing with Setrab cooler mounted behind front bumper
SS oil cooler lines; track oil temps 190-210 F
Oil distribution block with stock and SPA oil pressure gauges
Eurosport M50 intake manifold conversion
VAC oil pan baffle
Vorschlag motor mounts
Starter (new BMW)

Engine cooling
IE aluminum radiator recent (recent)
Stock thermostat and water pump (recent)
Aluminum T-stat housing, tapped for SPA water temp gauge (on A pillar)
Mechanical fan delete with SPAL fan
Coolant temps at track run 175-180 F

Transmission and diff
Stock tranny with 20k miles
UUC mounts
SS clutch line
Clutch disk replaced at 8k motor refresh

Koala Motorsports diff with finned (stock) cover
Recent stock diff mount (body floor has never shown signs of tearing/weakness)

Stock exhaust manifold and recent O2 sensors
Baffles removed from stock mufflers (not loud, but not too quiet. Never failed sound inspection at the track)

H&R race springs
Koni DA's (front rebuilt at 10k and rears rebuilt at 20k)
Swapped stock front strut mounts, R<-->L. Camber -3.2
Recent front control arms (3 events) with offset Delrin bushings
Ground control front sway bar
Suspension Techniques rear bar with reinforced sway bar mounts
IE billet rear shock mounts with urethane bushings
Adjustable IE rear trailing arm mounts, tack- welded to hold settings
IE Urethane rear trailing arm bushings
Delrin rear subframe bushings

I've run a square set up since '07 with 255/40's and liked it a lot. All 4 rims are 17x9 with 8 offset (the stock rear wheel size for MCoupe/Roadster). There are no clearance issues. The front bumper has been moved out slightly.

Stock calipers + stock rotors
Brass caliper bushings front + rear
Front cooling ducts
(includes street pads in decent shape and barely used Hawk Blues)

Wheels and tires
2 sets of RoadStars. One set is decent and the other in rough shape from brake dust. All 8 are straight.
(I may sell a set of four 17x9-- offset 8-- Fikses later, but they aren't included in this sale)

1 set of pretty worn 255/40 R888's. They may have a weekend in them (or not). I have a set of staggered HoHo's that are included also. These are pretty old, but with lots of tread.

There are usable street tires with good tread on one set of the RoadStars

Non- sunroof car
McMahon cage with NASCAR bar on driver side (removable BMW window)
Motion Motorsports front splitter (rattle can painted)
BMW rear spoiler (pro painted)
Front bumper moved forward to accommodate larger tire set up and increased caster
Decals can be removed; stripes painted on by Koala's painter

The car had some track accidents before I bought it and required professional repair. Per Koala, it returned to racing lighter and faster after the repairs. The panels all look perfect. The rear hatch has a gap on driver and passenger side when closed (see pics). It has a full interior, but no radio/speakers or A/C. Heater core is present.

Will have 6 point harnesses and track seats in the car. I'm keeping the RaceTech seat and Schroth harnesses in the pictures. Driver seat TBD (will be either a Cobra or new Recaro)
Passenger seat is Recaro with back brace on custom floor mount
VAC driver side floor mount
McMahon cage with foot protection

1. SPA oil pressure gauge has a bad ground and works correctly 90% of time. Will try to have fixed ASAP. Stock oil pressure gauge works fine
2. See photos for rear hatch alignment issue
3. Fuel gauge sketchy if fuel gets low
4. RaceTech seat isn't in sale, neither are the Schroth harnesses nor are the Fikses (the Fikses may be for sale later. Car buyer gets first crack if they go up for sale)
5. Passenger side marker light broken

Stock passenger seat with cut-outs for harnesses (anti- sub and shoulder)
MCoupe stock radiator with 18k mi

It's not a beauty queen (some argue it wasn't even when new).

It's a well- maintained, safe, unique and dependable car. Thanks for looking.


Atlanta, GA

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Posted: 10/2/2013 10:45:31 PM by Jon Martin

This sold way back in August. Ooops.

Posted: 8/12/2013 7:15:48 AM by Jon Martin

I guess it has been rebuilt twice. Ouch!

Posted: 8/12/2013 6:38:37 AM by Jon Martin

Definitely a very cool possibility. It appears it's probably too far gone to try and bring it back to stock, but a 1 of 4 alpine white over estoril sunroof-delete with 20k miles always looks good for $15,500.

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