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SOLD on or around August 12, 2011

86,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2002 BMW M Coupe in Steel Gray Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Steel Gray Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S54
  • Title Branded

Seller Description

This is for a mint 2002 BMW M Coupe. This is a RARE super sport car (Not likely to see another one in weeks). 300+ hp 0-60 in approx 5seconds, and still get 30mph on highway(when cruising and obeying speed limit). This beauty only has 86k miles. Everything works as it should. However, the vehicle is being sold AS IS. Please Email to view more pics, or to schedule a viewing/INSPECTION.
* The clear coat peeled out n few scratches on rear wheels only that's it, front wheels are impeccable
* The rarest, quickest and best handling M// all across the board
* All around sport H&R shocks , springs and stabilizer
* High performance carbon fiber high flow air intake
* S54 unlimited power engine with the 5spd gearbox; Plenty clutch,
* Fresh PILOT SPORT'S in the staggered factory 17" setting
* New pads and rotors all around (~1000 mi).
* Adult enthusiast owned, DOESN'T NEED A THING ( MD inspected)
* Only 695 made for US (only a1/4 of it were this track proven coupe)
* All original and matching #'s powertrain and body components
* All original and true- Car was never wrecked + MD Rebuilt TITLE in hand (will explain)

Serious inquiries only.
Asking $16,000 or BRO.

Previous Listing:
M coupe; adult own and cared for 3 years now, all on point; SALVAGE TITLE (hence the price) due to previous administrative paper work errors; car has never been in a wreck and please don't take my words for it bring your GUY that's knows it on your book, cash in hand and drive happily away.
*The rarest, quickest and best handling M// all across the board
* All around sport H&R shocks , springs and stabilizer
* High performance carbon fiber high flow air intake
* Fresh PILOT SPORT'S in the staggered factory 17" setting
* All original and true + title in hand
FOR the real and serious please send me an email subject: Z3M with name and phone number or best way of contact.

Previous Listing 2:
In this new year, i'm wishing you all the best, prosperity, happiness and wellness all over. That being said....I have a very clean BMW Z coupe. I bought it with fresh H&R shocks and springs, front and rear + new custom carbon fiber cold air intake (see pics), all original and matching #'s powertrain and body components; been babied ever since, for a couple of years now, once in awhile car, adult enthousiast owned, DOESN'T NEED A THING ( MD inspected), superior handling, fresh 82k mi S54 unlimited power engine with the ITB's, 6spd gearbox, plenty clutch, the quickest of them M's all for 2000-2002 models, only 695 made for US (only a1/4 of it were this track proven coupe); studded to the road with new set of Michelin's with sttaggered size fitment 225-45-17 frt- 245-40-17rr (8/32 tire tread al around ); new pads and rotors all around (~80 mi). The Bad: The clear coat pilled out n few scratches on rear wheels only that's it, front wheels are impeccable (see pics). All informations accurate and true, very HIGH QUALITY product, so bid with confidence and pride.

Note: Serious individuals only need to apply, for any questions or concerns you might have please send me an email.


Albany, NY

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Sold 8/11/11 - I heard this did sell at some point. I haven't heard any details yet.

6/30/11 Update - No more question about the title. He does indeed have it in hand. Check the photo gallery. The description has also been updated.

5/1/11 Update - Posted a Carfax report for it. Not a lot of new information, but good confirmation. Also received the following in-person report:

So I saw this coupe a couple of weeks ago (Apr) when it was for sale in Laurel, MD. All the body panels did in fact have matching VIN tags; I connected my Peake FCXII and there were no codes; a couple of door dings; no M badge on the hatch; no M Grills; you can hear a clunk when driving- owner says it's because there is a rubber gasket missing between the upper strut mount and the shock tower but I'm not so sure about that story.

5/26/11 Update - The saga continues... The new listing is evidently the previous seller's brother. I'm not sure why the price hike (from $11,500 from $16,000) or the location change. Not sure if the paperwork is actually straightened out or not. It actually appears to be posted on Vancouver Craigslist as well which has happened to one other NY listing I've seen, so it could be independent. Just a weird situation...

5/4/11 Update - It's a pretty weird situation. I talked to two people who were planning on buying it today. The seller did not show to meet with either of them (one for a PPI, one was planning on driving it away). Evidently the seller was rearended in one of his other cars. Still doesn't explain how he was leading on two different buyers.

4/26/11 Update - Here's a little more information on the "paper work error":

I talked to the seller on the phone in January before some one else gave an offer before me and was told that he got the car from a friend who owns a towing company and looks like this car was seized and the owner never claimed it and they had to get the duplicate Title because of pending litigation and hence the Salvage title. But again, someone with some knowledge on this issue have to correct me on this one :)

It sounds like this may be straightened out now when he says title in hand, but definitely be aware of it.

4/25/11 Update - Evidently this never ended up selling back in January. Now back on the market for a palty $11,500. Wow!

1/11/11 Update - Heard from someone who was able to get ahold of the seller. The seller says he's had the car since 2009 which doesn't line up exactly with the vehicle history report. I still think it's worth checking out for the price.

1/10/11 Update - Auctioned ended with a high bid of $10,100 which did not meet reserve. The car got a lot of exposure though, so I'm thinking it will probably sell soon off of Ebay once someone is able to have a PPI done.

1/10/11 Update - Buy-it-now lowered again to $13,500 from $16,500

1/9/11 Update - Buy-it-now just lowered to $14,500 from $16,500. Now it's a great deal!

1/7/11 Update - The seller added a buy-it-now price of $16,500. I think that's a pretty good deal and less than I would have guessed it to be. It will definitely take some TLC, but I think the right buyer could make this a really nice coupe.

The good: it's a 2002 steel gray M Coupe! The bad: rebuilt title that is not mentioned in the listing, the sale listing photos were taken in the rain, the rear wheels look awful, Z3 fender gills rather than M gills, it does not have a 6-speed manual as advertised unless a transmission swap was performed, and I kind of doubt the numbers matching statement (but it could be true). With that said, it's still a steel gray S54 coupe. Take all the other things into consideration with price though (which there is not any indication of what he's hoping to get). As for modifications he has an H&R suspension, an intake, and an aftermarket shift knob. The new brake pads and rotors are nice as well.

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