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SOLD on or around December 6, 2013

107,490 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2000 BMW M Coupe in Estoril Blue Metallic over Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Estoril Blue Metallic
  • Interior Color Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Engine S52
  • Other Attributes Sunroof-Delete

Seller Description

This vehicle has a 3.2L I6 engine. It includes Driver Multi Adjustable Power Seat, Cruise Control, Passenger Airbag, Rear Window Defogger, Power Windows, Tachometer, Air Conditioning, Front Side Airbag, Driver Airbag, ABS Brakes, Traction Control, Power Door Locks, Leather Seat, AM/FM Radio, and Alloy Wheels.


South Tacoma Auto
Tacoma, WA

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Posted: 12/6/2013 8:55:34 PM by Jon Martin

Listings removed; looks like it sold.

Posted: 12/3/2013 9:40:54 AM by Jon Martin

Price up a little to $16,971 from $16,591

Posted: 11/30/2013 8:38:38 AM by Jon Martin

The asking price has weirdly been removed from all listings. It was most recently listed for $16,591.

Posted: 11/15/2013 8:23:02 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $16,591 from $16,977

Posted: 9/30/2013 7:50:23 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $16,977 from $17,977

Posted: 9/26/2013 7:47:25 AM by Jon Martin

A note from Matt:

I inquired about this car in July, I just got an email from the dealer basically stating they were ready to deal and to make an offer that they wanted to move it. Might be an opportunity to get a deal on this one.

Posted: 9/8/2013 8:58:43 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $17,977 from $18,977

Posted: 7/28/2013 7:17:15 AM by Jon Martin

A very thorough first person write-up:

Went and looked at this coupe today. For the mileage it's in pretty good condition. I thoroughly looked the car over and had the dealer put it up on a lift so I could inspect it from underneath. The rear cross member welds are intact with no signs of separation from the trunk/hatch floor. The the rear ear of the diff mount bracket has a small hairline crack at the bend in the sheet metal, but it doesn't look too concerning yet. The front and rear bumper support structures don't show any signs of accident damage and I didn't notice any signs of paint work. The are some very small areas of clear coat peel on the front bumper cover and a few touched up scratches around the body but the paint looks pretty good otherwise. The wheels are in great shape. The interior is in good shape but has a few minor cosmetic issues including a smiling glove box and wear on the driver's side seat bolster. The chassis/suspension felt tight, the transmission shifted smoothly, and the engine felt strong with no hesitation or worrisome noises on the test drive. That pretty much covers the good about the car. The following issues kept me from offering anything near what they are asking though:

-The drive shaft guibo is torn.
-The transmission output shaft seal is leaking heavily.
-The clutch feels close to the end of it's life, though it is not slipping.
-The driver's side window doesn't roll down and the passenger side window doesn't roll all the way down.
-The initiation of a crack in the differential mount.
-There are signs of oil in the coolant and I found an inspection report in the glove box from 94,000 miles indicated that this was identified at that time, but not dealt with. This was the big deal breaker for me. Not too keen on buying a car that could blow a head gasket at any point.

I offered a reasonable price considering the issues noted above and the dealer neglected to counter my offer. Hopefully any potential buyers don't end up making a deal for the car without being aware of these issues.

Posted: 7/24/2013 7:32:45 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $18,977 from $20,981 which is better

Posted: 7/15/2013 12:15:52 AM by Jon Martin

It must not have sold as it's now back with the same photos at the same dealership.

Posted: 6/10/2013 11:48:16 AM by Jon Martin

All listings removed; I'm guessing it will pop up at an area independent dealer.

Posted: 6/6/2013 10:39:57 AM by Jon Martin

Price now up to $20,981 from $19,781

Posted: 6/5/2013 9:45:57 PM by Jon Martin

Now priced at $19,781 which seems very high.

Posted: 6/5/2013 8:27:47 AM by Jon Martin

The Carfax report is clean and shows just two owners. It seems to have spent most of it's life and mileage in Las Vegas. The VIN shows it to be estoril over estoril sunroof-delete. I look forward to seeing what it will be priced at.

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