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SOLD on or around July 1, 2011

76,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2001 BMW M Coupe in Steel Gray Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Steel Gray Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S54

Seller Description

2001 BMW Z3 M Coupe. Steel Gray/Black. Stock S54 with 76k miles. Build date 09/2001. Professionally serviced. Inspection II performed on schedule. No subframe issues. I'm 3rd-owner, purchased 2 1/2 years ago at 60k miles. I had Roadstars powder and clear-coated, still not a single curb. Added Goodyears, RSMs with Bilsteins, window tint, Viper alarm and rear-wiper delete. Also Mason clutch pedal and Ultimate Pedals for my RLS. Recent oil service, new MAF, front/rear brakes including rotors, clutch kit, slave, guibo and Amsoil MTF. The S54 runs perfect. No dashboard warning lights. Everything works.

Clean title, although original owner's parking-lot accident required replacement of hood, front fender panel and door skin -- airbag not deployed. Reason for selling, buying AWD. BMW located currently in Hawaii. Sending to LA in June. Originally sold in Hawaii, bone-stock, so I assume shouldn't be any Cali Smog/Emission testing issues? New asking price reflects recent service (clutch, brakes, MAF, oil-service, etc) and shipping cost, but it's a BEST OFFER deal so feel free... Check-out the car, if interested make an offer. No problem having local mechanic inspection, at your cost. If replying and including your phone number please leave convenient time to call. Not interested in S52-vs-S54 debates and no joyrides. Posting is to California Craigslist, payment in cash. Thank You.


Los Angeles, CA

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Sold 7/1/11 - Sale pending. Someone got a great deal! Also, added one final send-off photo from the seller.

6/8/11 Update - Seller posted that his car is on a ship headed to the mainland.

5/31/11 Update - The car will be on Pasha Hawaii Transport Lines and will arrive in San Diego on June 14th. The seller added a note that he is open to having a local mechanic inspect it. Let me know the results if anyone has a PPI done.

5/29/11 Update - The owner is trying a new strategy that I'm pretty sure is going to work. He raised the price $1,000 to $17,000 and bringing it over to LA. If the location was what was holding you back, the situation is now fixed. The new larger photos look great too. I expect it to go pretty fast now at such a great price.

5/20/11 Update - Back on the market at just $16,000 (up from $15,000). Still a bargain!

11/24/10 Update - Not actually sold; seller decided to keep it for a while longer and took it off the market.

11/12/10 Update - It appears this coupe is back on the market and now at $15,000 rather than $16,000.

10/1/10 Update - I guess this coupe didn't sell back in June as here it is again with a few more miles, and the price has gotten even better.

6/22/10 Update - Seller updated his listing with some more information.

6/21/10 Update - Here's a review from IslandS62 who owns another Steel Gray M Coupe on Oahu.

This is likely the one I looked at Last year for jt1966. It was in respectable condition but had some poor fitting panels, one side had been painted in rather average quality and was in general the cleanliness level of a car this age. If this person bought it and cleaned it up a bit the condition and mileage description add up. When I test drove it it was stock and IMO in need of a clutch.

I think I know the original owner who was a Japanese national and always travelled in the car with a dog. He always had it dealer serviced, but if you know BMW of Honolulu that may or may not be a good thing. This was originally the car I thought I was going to see when I found mine at a Honda dealer in 2005.

There is now a third steel gray mcoupe running around but last I saw it was a year ago and it had CA plates. If it is that car it's history is unknown to me.

This seems to be owned by a knowledgable owner. Having the Inspection II done is very nice. He's honest about it's condition and the price is fair. It seems as if it's been well cared for mechanical but could have a few costmetic issues. For those wondering, shipping from Hawaii to California is around $1,000.

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