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SOLD on or around September 4, 2012

104,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2000 BMW M Coupe in Titanium Silver Metallic over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Titanium Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S52
  • Other Attributes Sunroof-Delete

Seller Description

have accident cold AC solid car no sub frame cracks,new rear sport shocks ,new L/R tie rods,new Diff oil +mounts,new Engine oil+mounts,new gearbox oil+ mounts ,new steering pump and both hoses, new cosmo cold air intake and air filter + the old one,new rear rotors and brakes front has %80 ,new 19" wheels and new 275 in rear and 245 tires in front +the old wheels ,i have new water pump,belts,thermostat ,expansion tank,just in case cooling system need replacement in future .have receipt for all repairs and parts .now at $18000.00 there is room to negotiate.

Previous Sales Listing:
2000 BMW M coupe .strong motor , Ice cold A/C, Looks & runs great, brand new 275 /19" rear 225/19" front Custom wheels +the 17" original wheels and tires , Very clean interior, Well maintained,one the few M coupe that has not been modify for race track ,no sub frame cracks Solid car no rust .these items been changed in past 3 month L/R tie rods,bilstein shocks ,transmission fluid,differential fluid ,power steerring fluid, bmw 10w/60 synt oil for M cars,power steering pump and the 2 hoses,4 wheel alignment just changed Diff mount bushing trans mounts ,engine mounts i believe i have replaced every thing needed to be maintain and have receipt asking $17500.00.


Paradise Valley, AZ

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Sold 9/4/12 - Listing removed. Looks like it sold.

8/13/12 Update - Price reduced all the way down to $15,000 from $18,000

7/19/12 Update - Price raised back up to $18,000 from $15,500 which is not as good of deal.

6/26/12 Update - Price reduced to $15,500 down from $17,600 making it a pretty good deal for a sunroof-delete with recent maintenance.

6/6/12 Update - Must not have sold as it has just been relisted. Sounds like the owner did a lot of good maintenance on it and only raised the price $100 to $17,600 (from $17,500). It sounds pretty good to me.

Sold 5/19/12 - Listing was deleted. I assume it sold.

4/8/12 Update - Price raised to $17,500 from $16,700. The wheels have been painted, and I personally think they look much better even though I typically don't like black wheels. All new, better photos too.

1/20/12 Update - Seller also added the option of buying the car without the 19" wheels and tires for just $15,600

1/19/12 Update - Another price drop to $16,700 from $17,700

1/6/12 Update - Big price drop to $17,700 from $19,800 making it a better deal.

It sounds like this has had a lot of good, recent maintenance done. It's in very nice condition for the mileage. The wheels and carbon fiber roof, bumper and side-view mirrors won't be to everyone's taste but are eaily changeable. The sunroof-delete is a nice plus, but the price is probably a little optimistic for the mileage.

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