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SOLD on or around April 18, 2011

28,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2000 BMW M Coupe in Imola Red 2 over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Imola Red 2
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

Car is in wonderful condition, has a clear bra on it. (seal plastic type)

I picked this vehicle up off of a koons pontiac before they saluted the flag and buried the koons pontiac stores. Apparently the car was traded for a g8 of all things =P and i was lucky enough to pick it up the following day.

Car has never been in a accident, Car was garaged and has never seen bad weather or snow. I somewhat overly babyed this car, it was purchased by me almost 3 years ago at 23,xxx if i remember correctly. Oil gets the common change every 2-3 thousand miles. Car Has Original Pads and Rotors from dealership (based on codes). However there 10 years old and just about done, so I have some carbon pads + drilled and slotted rotors awaiting there turn.

Couple minor issues with the car that will be fixed before sale. (middle switch cabin lightbulb is burned out, trunk lock works manually but not electrically.) Also theres of course the wonderful airbag light. I have not spotted a spec of rust on this fella yet.

Vehicle also shows no evidence of Differential support failure. (if you dont know what this is, I would recommend you research into what the Randy Forbes kit does before buying these vehicles.) Basicly under increased power or excessive sway on the rear subframe (like bearing failure) the single ear mounted LSD will end up ripping out the bottom of your trunk. A kit welded into the trunk of your car and a LSD shell off a m3 year corrects this problem by strengthening the trunk and switching from single ear to dual ear mounting. Prepare to have $2000-3000 ready if your going to add a large amount of power to these vehicles for bracing and remember, the dinan parts are a expensive joke!

I am selling the vehicle to cover some of the cost of the z4 m coupe I plan to purchase after this ones gone. I am 22, but rest assured this car has not been abused just moreso overly pampered. (I Have 240sx's s13's to direct my abuse to and another z3 coupe =P) I hate to sell the z3 m coupe as I since the first time i saw one in 1998, ive desperately wanted to experience one of these vehicles. Now with a taste of this I want more!


Fairfax County, VA

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Sold 4/18/11 - AutoTrader listing was removed, so I assume it sold.

2/21/11 Update - Now listed on AutoTrader with some much better photos.

1/27/11 Update - The seller seems to have given up on the idea of trading for a Z4 M Coupe. He's also fixing the couple issues, lowered the price to $23,250 down from $23,750 and posted some photos.

This is a nice, low mileage S52 that seems to be well cared for. The seller is kind of looking for a trade for a Z4 M Coupe. You can read his full listing on Bimmerforums. I think the price is fair for the mileage. I'd like a few photos to judge the condition for myself though.

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