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82,800 miles

1999 BMW M Coupe in Arctic Silver Metallic over Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Arctic Silver Metallic
  • Interior Color Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Engine S52

Seller Description

I have a long history with this particular coupe. First it was the test car for's original road test back in 1999 (WayBackMachine Archive). Next it was owned by Bimmerforums member OrganicM whose great photos graced my computer desktop through much of college. It was next purchased by Asim who put it on custom built BBS RS wheels and later went on to co-found Livery Wheel company. After that it spent about year in the NW before landing back in the midwest with another Bimmerforums member. Having been enthusiast owned for almost its entire life really shows.

It's a fairly early build (but not pre-production) 1999 in artic silver over estoril blue. It's one of just 13 in the color combo and actually the second one I've owned (see LC61069). I'm personally a big fan of artic silver over the later (2000-2002) titanium silver as it has more of a blue gray base where titanium silver is warmer with a small hint of gold.

If you looked at the old listings, you'll notice it's much closer to stock than it has been in some years past. It still has a number of great, though more subtle, upgrades though. These include:

  • Ground Control Coilovers
  • Ground Control Camber Plates
  • AKG Street Subframe Bushings
  • UUC Stainless Steel Clutch Line
  • UUC Stainless Steel Brake Lines
  • Dinan Front and Rear 22mm Anti-Roll Bars
  • BMW OEM Euro Clear Bumper Lights
  • Macht Schnell Wheel Spacers (7.5mm front and 18 mm rear)
  • Lug Studs
  • Kenwood Bluetooth Headunit with Amp and Subwoofer
  • Valentine One Hardwire
  • Painted Roof Spoiler
  • ///M Hatch and Floor Mats

Previous enthusiast owners took care of the normal S52 services like a new cooling system, giubo, belts, etc. I finished it up with fresh fluids, new interior bulbs, fixed leaks and warning lights, replaced missing interior hardware from previous audio and rear suspension work, added poly rear subframe bushings, completed the tool set and made everything work again.

Overall I think this may be may best driving S52 coupe I've had. It's a joy to drive even around town or run errands.

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Posted: 8/1/2022 11:33:22 AM by Jon Martin

Added some new photos. Artic silver shows well at sunset!

Posted: 7/16/2022 11:53:28 AM by Jon Martin

I thought I'd keep the listing a little cleaner and include all my extra thoughts and things I've noticed the past 6 months in my comments. So if you're very interested, here you go.

  • The front kidney grills were plastidipped black. They peeled off very cleanly and are in great shape.
  • I replaced the lower front grill with a brand new one due to a few cracks in the original.
  • The current wheel spacers are 7.5mm in front and 18mm in the rear. I think it would probably look nice with a 10-12mm on the front.
  • I'm not usually a fan of painted roof spoilers. I still probably prefer the original black but this one was done well and matches perfectly.
  • The paint is in fantastic shape overall. There are a couple spots touched up on the front section of the roof and some light scratches on the driver side front wheel well (see the close-up of the fender gill).
  • The holes for a front license plate bracket were filled and repainted at some point.
  • I kind of love the practicality of the wheels studs and now want a set on my coupe.
  • The front wheel liners are trimmed up a little to fit the large wheels it previously had installed. They were done very cleanly and I don't think most people would notice the change.
  • It has some tall-guy modifications including removing the extra foam behind the driver seat carpet (which I have), a higher mounted rearview mirror, and the seat tilt kit.
  • One of the interior panel screws by the OBD port in the passenger footwell is a different size so the normal screw caps don’t fit on it. It’s a really nice, tight fit so I decided to leave it instead of replace it with the correct part. I also didn’t notice it till I was looking at the photos more closely.
  • It has the normal crack next to the AC button in the center console that one of the previous owners repair. They did a pretty good job with it, so I decided to leave it alone instead of potentially making it worse.
  • The top left corner of the driver door has a small dent in it from the racing seat bolster that was installed when I bought it. It’s not very noticeable though.
  • The defroster vent on the dash on the passenger side appears to be glued in. It’s not super noticeable besides sitting a little flatter than usual.
  • One of the previous owners had a different method of glovebox reinforcement and put a sheet metal screw into one of the metal brackets from the inside of the glove box. It’s pretty effective and most people wouldn’t even notice there’s an extra screw inside the glovebox.
  • It didn't have a clutch stop in it when I bought it so it has some worn carpet behind the clutch pedal.
  • The dead pedal has a crack in the face of it. You don’t really feel it while driving like you do when the crack is in the corner and has not support. That piece is currently NLA and I used my one spare on a previous project coupe
  • There’s a pretty decent sized subwoofer box squeezed into the location of the stock subwoofer behind the driver seat. The panels behind the driver seat don’t line up 100% perfect, but I took everything apart and got it pretty close. I don’t think most people would notice.
  • There are holes drilled in the hatch carpet to access the adjustable Ground Control coilovers. I put some black plastic caps to cover them like I did in my coupe. The hole on the right side must be very slightly bigger, so the cap doesn’t fit tight. It doesn’t fall through or anything though.
  • The shift knob is the same size and feel as the original, but I think it came off of the previous owner's M5 as it has an extra seam facing the back of the car. It's also not back lit. The leather feels softer than the original though.
  • There's what appears to be a Apple Lightning cable in the storage section of the armrest. I'm an Android user though, so that's all I know about it.
  • Overall it’s one of the cleaner interiors that has come through. I went though and replaced most of the incorrect hardware it had from previous audio and suspension installations so there aren’t many rattles even with the relatively low suspension setup.

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