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SOLD on or around May 16, 2011

64,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2000 BMW M Coupe in Imola Red 2 over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Imola Red 2
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S52
  • Title Branded

Seller Description

2000 BMW M Coupe 64k miles in excellent condition tires are about 65 to 75% everything on the car works as it should.

These cars are quit rare there were only 2180 of them imported to the US witch allows this car to be classified as a late model collectible car qualifying for low cost collectible car insurance. I know this for a fact because I have the car insured with one of the leading collectible car insurance company's in the country. The car is all stock with the exception of it has had the ever important rear sub frame kit installed it is a must have if you are going to own one of these cars if you are on unfamiliar with this kit or have any questions give me a call I will be happy to fill you in.



Clayton, NY

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Sold 5/16/11 - The forum threads were marked as sold.

4/11/11 Update - Eric of Enthusiast Auto let me know this one was purchased from Zionsville as a salvage title about a year ago. Thanks for the info!

4/2/11 Update - Evidently this coupe did not sell back in November as it's been relisted by the same seller. He didn't mention it in the previous listing, but this one says he has the subframe reinforced making it an excellent. deal.

Sold 11/15/10 - All the listings were removed, so I assume it sold.

11/4/10 Update - Ebay Classifieds listing price reduced to $16,000 from $16,500

10/25/10 Update - Updated description and more photos. Looks to be in nice condition.

This looks to be a nice coupe at a good price. It appears to be relatively stock aside from the Bilstein struts and shocks and a fairly dark tint. His production numbers appear to be correct. I wonder where he got them :-).

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