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SOLD on or around November 20, 2020

112,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown

Seller Description

2002 BMW M Coupe (last year of production)
VIN: 5UMCN93492LK61173
Mileage: 112,XXX miles
Exterior Color: Steel Gray Metallic
Interior Color: All Black Nappa (very rare normally two tone)
Engine: S54 (315hp)
Rarity: 1 of 33

Additional info:
The car is relatively stock and it is a sunroof car (which works)
The body has no major scratches or dents and paint is in great shape.
(See photos for all minor imperfections)


- New starter (June)
- New battery (May)
- oil change (May)
- new recharge pump (October)


- Oil change 2019
- New Michelin’s pilot super sport 4S 2019


- new alternator
- new alternator
- new abs pump
- new ABS module for DSC
- new Stoptech discs all around
- new steel brake lines + fluid
- new Hawk HPS pads
- oil change


- new AC compressor
- new water pump 
- new bushings
- Bilstein HD struts front
- new AC compressor
- new water pump
- new bushings


- Koni struts rear
- oil changes

Other detailed info:
* Car has a short radio antenna but I have the original antenna.
* I have the magnetic side mud guards. (not in any pics)
* I have a set of catless headers. (not installed but will include with the sale)
* I only have one key with remote entry that works, yes you read that correctly the keyless entry works.
* Shadow Chrome Roadstars fitted with brand new Michelin Pilot Sport tires AS3+
* Shadow chrome finish has seen better days tho.
* All gauges work, the glove box does not sag, the dash is not cracked, no rips on any of the leather.
* There are no vibration or sounds coming from the car.

As for the cons:
* The lights behind the climate control are burnt but these two bulbs can be purchased for 10$ each. (minor detail that I never bothered since it doesn’t get in the way from driving)
* The catalytic converter will need to be replaced or deleted.
* The passenger side seat button to move the seat fell off. The button still works and the seat still moves electrically but the button which i still have, no longer wants to stay in place.

Lastly the cars history/carfax , the car is originally a US car but is now located in Montreal, Quebec.
The records state that the car made its way into Canada in 2008 and eventually in 2010 the cars first ever accident was reported.
I do not have too much information about this a part from it being a right side scrape on the panels of the passenger side. To be noted the car does have a clean title.
The car then changed owners in 2012 and then sold to me in 2016 and a lite damage was reported because the day I literally purchased the car i nervously backed into someone and they wanted to make a claim out of it. The damage on the Coupe was some chipped paint on the rear bumper which was then primered and fully/professionally resprayed.

That being said, what you have is a sorted out M coupe ready to be driven in Steel Grey with all black nappa and an s54!!
Which if you ask me aesthetically and performance wise doesn’t get any better!

Moreover, this car has been my pride and joy for the last few years and I have been meticulously maintaining it each year and trying to keep it clean and stock with some minor upgrades.


38,000 CAD
29,500 USD

--> (price is not negotiable) <--


Montreal, QC, Canada

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Posted: 11/29/2020 10:49:40 PM by Jon Martin

Officially sold

Posted: 11/20/2020 1:57:54 PM by Jon Martin

Sale pending

Posted: 10/25/2020 9:54:16 PM by Jon Martin

Back on the market with price reduced to $29,500 from $32,500. Added some new photos too. The price seems pretty good at this point.

Posted: 10/25/2019 2:28:46 PM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $32,500 from $34,500

Posted: 9/9/2019 12:12:06 AM by Jon Martin

Now on Ebay with price reduced to $34,500 from $39,999

Posted: 4/4/2019 11:28:24 PM by Jon Martin

It's back with price at $39,999 CAD from $32,500 USD. It looks much better with the roadstars back on. It's had some good maintenance too.

Posted: 4/24/2018 10:55:12 AM by Jon Martin

I think this is a different seller for this coupe now. It has been cleaned up a lot and it's nice to hear shadow chrome roadstars are back on it.

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