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SOLD on or around November 11, 2012

100,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
1999 BMW M Coupe in Estoril Blue Metallic over Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Estoril Blue Metallic
  • Interior Color Estoril Blue & Black Nappa
  • Engine S52
  • Other Attributes Subframe Reinforcement

Seller Description

I am selling the coupe. Little things have happened to it over the past couple of months, which I have taken as signs that it is time to let the car go and focus on other things for now until I have the time and space to work on cars. I am also selling my 1966 Mustang if anyone is interested in that.

After I had the frame fixed and hood/bumper resprayed earlier this year, I noticed that the headliner was starting to sag, which was not a big deal to me at the time, but then the Thule bike carrier that I have wouldn't clamp the bike down anymore. A couple of weeks ago, the right rear tire started developing a leak around the rim, causing me to have to air it up every day. Then I somehow lost the master key and have been using the valet key. Then a deer hit the car, causing insignificant enough damage to the door that a dent guy could fix it, but I inflicted further damage to it but beating the crap out of it with my hand and foot. Then I took the rest of it out on the door with a hammer. Hood wouldn't open after that, which further reinforced my feelings on selling the car. $27,000 later, I think I am done. After the car came back from the shop, all that was left to do to it was to install the shift pins and the UUC SSK, but now it's going to need more than that.

Paid $17k for it, invested about another ten and have the receipts:

Car has a clean title in my name and is mostly stock, rides on H&R springs/Bilsteins. 100k on odometer with a BMW replacement engine that has about 40k on it. Subframe was reinforced by Mr. M Car. Front end was repaired for good in the spring- top frame supports were replaced and Mason sway bar installed. Have pics of the work done to it on a CD that I will try to upload soon- work was done by Moonlite Motorwerks who did a great job on it- I'm sure others will chime in about them. Front wiper reservoir was removed as well as the rear wiper to save weight, but are included. Comes with the shift pin tools. Front tires have about 40% tread left, rears need to be flipped or replaced as they are worn on the insides. Tires are Pirelli P Zero Nero's. It just started to develop a slight shimmy around 60mph. Vehicle is inspected til July of 2013. I have put about 15k miles on the car since purchasing it in 2008. The car has no dents, and I don't think it even has any scratches on it. It comes with the Thule bike and kayak carriers installed.

New Parts:

IE bushings
PBR brake pads with blank rotors
JT Designs HD RSM's
AKG adjustable rear arm eccentric kit
metal hood release (original is plastic)
Mason Clutch (lines up with brake pedal, original clutch pedal is plastic as well)

Parts included that have yet to be installed:

UUC Brake lines
Motion Motorsport underbody kit
OEM Radio

What it needs:

Shift pins
Minor touch up work on the rear wheel lips
Driver door

As some of you know, this car has a very colorful history, a lot of which can be found on this forum and all of which I have printed out- I did a search on every user that owned this car- and the only one that I could not find as a member of this forum is the original owner. I am the 5th owner. Pics below are of the car as it sits, which were taken five minutes ago. Please do a search for more pics of this car- my old username was Loneman. I am very limited on time, so I'm selling the car on a first come, first serve basis, although I would prefer to sell it to a fellow member or enthusiast. CASH only, please as I have the car priced to sell. As for the Mustang, there is a short story and some pics here:!raw-life/vstc5=1966-mustang. Please send emails to my phone as I am deaf: Thanx.


Worcester, PA

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Sold 11/10/12 - Sold! Sounds like it's going to a good home.

11/1/12 Update - Added some new photos. Hurrican Sandy did a little bit of additional damage however, but nothing major. The price has been lowered to $10k to compensate. From the seller:

Washed the car yesterday and took pics, so I've updated the pics. Also, the storm inflicted some minor damage to the car which include a cracked tail light and some small dents which look like they could be removed. There is one small noticeable dent in the hood along with some very small dents, which I tried to get the camera to pick up. Price is now $10,000 firm.

If you're willing to put in a little elbow grease, this could be a great deal. Besides the driver door and shift pin service, it's in great shape and already has its subframe reinforced. The other upgrades like the Mason bar, IE bushings, and H&R/Bilstien suspension are also great. I expect it will go pretty fast.

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