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SOLD on or around May 3, 2011

118,000 miles

Sale Price Unknown
2002 BMW M Coupe in Alpine White 3 over Black Nappa
  • Exterior Color Alpine White 3
  • Interior Color Black Nappa
  • Engine S54

Seller Description

I have a 2002 M-Coupe with 118000 miles for sale and I am asking $15,950. Please contact Fred, leave a message because cell reception is bad thanks to schedule a time and a place to meet.

The BMW Z3 M-Coupe is a special vehicle. For starters, it is the most rigid BMW ever built - basically a Z3 with all the reinforcements in place, PLUS a rigid roof. It is also the only BMW that I know of without a numerical designation, along with the M Roadster. Finding a one these days is difficult. The M-Coupe was only produced between 1999 and 2002 for the US market, and fewer than 2000 were sold in all of the model years combined. With wrecks, floods, deterioration, theft, etc, we're probably looking at a much lower number than that as of today. Finding one on the market is even more difficult, as most owners have added the car to their "collection" and they are not for sale. The most difficult model year to find is 2002, with only about 295 units sold in the US. The 2001 and 2002 models also have a larger engine - 315 vs 240 hp - making them even more desirable. The best places these days to look for your M-Coupe are eBay, Craigslist, Roadfly, and your local classifieds. If you are lucky, you may find a pristine 2002 model going for under $40,000. Expect to pay over $35,000 for a 2001 model, and over $30,000 for a 1999 or 2000 model. If you see one for less on eBay, snap it up, or you may regret it.


Providence, RI

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Sold 5/3/11 - I just heard that it sold. Congrats to the new owner!

3/30/11 Update - Added some larger photos. They show a couple cosmetic issues on the front bumper and curb rash on the wheels, but overall it looks pretty nice. Some additional information from an acquaintance of the seller:

Ok, just spoke with the son (seller) of the owner... from him, the car has been in their ownership for 3yrs, and the reason for selling is that it just isn't getting driven since a Ducati has made its way into the fold. Car is currently located in Providence, RI.

- car is accident-free, with normal rock chips, etc. Couple bumper scuffs

- Subframe is undergoing confirmation, but suspected to be in good shape... should be coming up my way relatively soon to give a once-over to the subframe area by my eye, since I'm all to familiar with the signs of that shredding metal.

- No bearing work done as of yet @ 118k, maintained with 'Mobil 1 10W30'

- Shocks F&R could use a replacement, bushings could use refreshing.

- Never tracked or auto-x'ed

- Equipped with aftermarket Borla or Supersprint... supersprint by my eye.

3/26/11 Update - Back on the market and out of purgatory. It has 8,000 more miles, but the price has been reduced again to $15,995 from $19,000 making it a nice deal on a highly sought after alpine white S54.

8/3/10 Update - Price lowered very significantly to $19,000 from $27,000

7/14/10 Update - It has between 100,000 and 110,000 miles. It has the original engine, bearings and subframe. It's been driven winters and has slipped on ice into a snow bank requiring the front clip to be repainted and a few parts replaced. It does have a clean title though. Given the new information, I'd say the price is really high considering you can get a near-mint S54 coupe with half the mileage for around $25k.

He doesn't mention the mileage or even the interior color, but S54 M Coupes in Alpine White only come around once in a blue moon. I'm not sure where he got his history, but most of it is debatable. Based on the numbers and kind of the photos, I'd guess the interior to be all black. If not, it's an even more rare car. In any case, if the mileage isn't outrageous, $27,000 is a pretty good deal.

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