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SOLD on or around June 11, 2018

90,700 miles

Asking Price: $20,013

Seller Description

This 2000 BMW M Coupe is finished in Titanium Silver over a black Nappa leather interior and was acquired by the seller in 2015 from the fifth owner, who had purchased it from Enthusiast Auto Group in 2012. The car has 91k miles and is powered by a 3.2-liter S52 inline-six and paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. Modifications include a KW V2 adjustable suspension, Dinan cold air intake, and an update to the cooling system with components from Zionsville Autosport. Records are comprehensive from current ownership, and include some paperwork from past owners. The car is offered with several original and spare parts, a car cover, Bentley manual, Carfax report, and a clean Pennsylvania title in the seller’s name.

Per the Carfax report, the car was involved in a minor parking lot accident in 2004. In 2013/14, the left rear fender and portions of the driver’s door were repainted in the original Titanium Silver Metallic following an accident, though this is not reported on the Carfax report. The car was hit by an SUV backing out of a parking spot, and a photo of the damage is included in the gallery. Additional work under the seller’s ownership includes the installation of a new front bumper cover following a curb scrape. Blemishes are said to include numerous chips, ghosted staining along the roof, and some discoloration to the rear spoiler as shown in detail in the gallery.

The suspension was updated by the previous owner with a KW Variant 2 adjustable suspension kit, new front control arm and rear trailing arm bushings, and 10mm wheel spacers to accommodate the larger springs. The original suspension components were retained and are included in the sale. Factory 17″ alloys are retained and the passenger-side units were refinished in the proper Hyper Silver color by the seller in 2015. Front and rear tires were fitted in 2015 and 2016 respectively. A detailed exterior walk-around is shown above and accompanied by an additional video with the doors in the open position.

Modifications to the black leather interior include added footwell lighting, a new OEM radio unit with DICE i-device connectivity, glove box door latch reinforcement, fire extinguisher with mounting bracket, and a Thayer Motorsports seat tilt kit that raises the driver’s seat approximately 20mm. Noted imperfections captured in detail include some seat bolster wear, slight wrinkling to the A-pillar fabric, a tear to the rear C-pillar fabric, a missing CD-changer cover, and some delamination to the upper portion of the driver’s door card.

Apart from disconnection of the CD-changer to allow for the integration of the DICE component, all remaining accessories, instrumentation, and equipment remain operational per the seller. The digital odometer presently shows 90,700 miles.

Paired with a 5-speed manual transmission, power is provided by a 3.2-liter S52 inline-six that has been modified by the previous owner with a Dinan cold air intake and associated software update. Work performed by the seller includes a scheduled overhaul of the cooling system in 2015 utilizing an aluminum radiator from Zionsville Autosport, aluminum thermostat housing, a Stewart water pump featuring a metal impeller, and new hoses. Recent work includes a coolant flush and oil service last year.

Vehicle start-up and a demonstration drive can be viewed in the video clips below.

Additional video clips include a detailed viewing of the underside and rear subframe as shown above.

Previous Listing:
I purchased this car in January 2015 with ~78,000 miles from a private individual. That individual purchased the car in 2012 from Enthusiast Auto Group with ~60,000 miles on it. I received many service records when I purchased the car and I have retained all service records and paperwork related to the mods that I performed on the car over the 3+ years of my ownership. Car has always been garaged while in my ownership. I do not have original window sticker. The only reason that I am selling this Coupe after three wonderful years is that I have recently purchased another lower mileage Coupe, so this one should go to a good home as I will not have as much opportunity to drive it. Car is located in Southwest Pennsylvania , just outside of Philadelphia.

Exterior Condition
Except for a repair in the front bumper cover, drivers side rear fender and door, the paint is original. Clear coat is fully intact and shiny. The top-facing painted surfaces, primarily the roof have some small, faint ghost stains from tree sap or bird droppings. These are not noticeable unless you really look for them and are looking for perfect paint. These should be removeable with a professional paint correction. The hood nose has some small stone chips. There is no corrosion visible anywhere on the top or bottom of the car. The driver’s door sustained a door swinger strike which chipped the paint, there is a fair quality repair to the paint, but the hit did not dimple the steel beneath. There are no dents or deformations visible on the exterior of the car. The rear bumper is unblemished. There is a small chip in the corner of one of the front orange market/turn signal light lenses

The black roof spoiler shows slight discoloration due to age and sun, a condition that was there when I purchased the car. The front bumper cover was replaced in 2016 after sustaining curb scrape. The original bumper cover sustained small tears to one mounting hole which I was advised is repairable. This OEM bumper cover has been retained and goes to the new owner of the car. The replacement front bumper cover remains unblemished by contact with any pavement or curbs.

Interior condition
Dash, instruments, switches, switch plates, console portions, and rugs show virtually no wear and no cracking, shrinkage or discoloration. The Inside rear view mirror is of the “automatic” variety and does not show any shadows, discoloration or fluid leakage as these mirrors sometime do. The glove box door latch has been reinforced to prevent a common problem with drooping - the cover is properly lined up and the latch is very solid. I installed supplemental footwell lighting in both passenger and driver side footwells in 2015. The headliner is not sagging in any location, however the black headliner covering on the A-pillars is showing very slight wrinkles indicating some developing looseness. The drivers door card shows an area of delamination in the upper forward top near the outside rear view mirror (see photos), but is otherwise unblemished. Passenger side door card is unblemished and shows no evident wear. Both side windows and the sunroof tilt feature work correctly. All HVAC, lighting, wipers, and all others controls work correctly.

A USB cable connected to a DICE unit is present to provide a way to connect a phone or USB device to the audio system to play music from a handheld device. Radio head is a replacement CD43 OEM unit identical to the one that was OEM to the car. The replacement was made in 2015 due to defects seen in the display of the factory supplied radio. The sound system plays correctly through all of the cars OEM speakers with no evident issues with the speaker cones. The security code for the radio head is included with the car. There is a 6-CD player in the rear area which is presently disconnected to enable the DICE device to play through the radio head. There is no phone functionality to the DICE device.

The seats are free of rips. The driver’s side outboard seat bolster shows slight wear, mostly from prior ownership. The condition of this bolster is better than most cars of this mileage and has not degraded visibly during my ownership of the car. The driver seat cushion covering shows a sheen of use and slight looseness compared to passenger side, but this is within normal bounds for the age and mileage. The front of the driver’s seat bottom cushion has been raised approximately 20 mm using the Thayer Motorsports Seat tilt kit to provide a better angle to the seat than the relatively flat and unadjustable OEM position of this seat. In addition, there is a VAC Motorsports Fire Extinguisher bracket installed at the front of the driver’s seat and a fire extinguisher is installed and included with the car. All mechanisms both manual and powered along with the heating works in both seats.

The rear compartment is clean and shows minimal wear and no significant scuff marks in plastic or carpet. There is a 2” long tear in the headliner on the passenger side C-pillar, likely from a prior owner’s mishandling of the rear hatch area cover. The retractable rear cargo area cover and the retractable separation/dog-net are both present, clean and fully functional. There is no cover for the CD changer compartment. The tool kit is present and complete under the rear floor. The tire inflation compressor and mobility kit are present in their cubby behind the rear compartment trim panel.

Engine compartment
The OEM air cleaner has been replaced with a Dinan Cold Air intake unit and an associated Dinan software update. The OEM air filter housing and the shroud that covers the drivers side headlight are included with the sale. After II purchased the car in 2015, the entire cooling system was replaced. The radiator is a 100% aluminum unit from Zionsville Autosport. The plastic thermostat housing has been replaced with an all aluminum replacement. The Plastic OEM water pump has been replaced with a Stewart all metal unit. All hoses were replaced. Coolant has been replaced twice in my 3 year ownership and this car should not experience any cooling system weakness under the most demanding duty.

Wheels, tires, suspension
Wheels are free of curb rash and have a shiny, new appearance. The two on the passenger side of the car were refinished in OEM Hyper-silver by the Wheel collision center in Bath, PA in 2015 just after I purchased the car. The front tires were replaced in 2015. The rear tires in 2016. They have no more than 13,000 miles from new and appear to be at mid-life on the treads.
At the time that I purchased the car, the OEM suspension was replaced with a KW Variant 2 adjustable suspension on all 4 corners. Ride height and alignment were set and the car has remained in this setup since then. 10mm spacers were added to the front to allow the tires to clear the larger KW springs. Front Control Arm Bushings and Rear Trailing Arm Bushings were replaced and all bushings and joints in the suspension were checked and replaced if not factory tight. The factory original BMW suspension components were retained and go to the new owner.

Extras and Inclusions
- OEM Suspension includes springs, struts provided in the box that the KW V2 suspension was shipped in
- OEM Air Filter and shroud
- OEM Front Bumper cover, painted silver with scrape damage on underneath portion and one strained mounting hole.
- A Car Cover
- All maintenance records from my ownership and some records from prior owners.

License Plate is NOT included with the sale! :)  !

Contact Chris at or 215.275.0787.


Philadelphia Area, PA

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Posted: 6/11/2018 10:02:05 PM by Jon Martin

Sold to a high bid of $19,250 or $20,012.50 with buyer fees. Good deal!

Posted: 6/8/2018 4:40:26 PM by Jon Martin

Bidding at $10,500 with 3 days left

Posted: 6/4/2018 12:18:25 PM by Jon Martin

Now on Bring a Trailer. Bidding is currently at $10,000

Posted: 4/30/2018 12:23:21 AM by Jon Martin

Price reduced to $22,750 from $24,750 which is a decent deal with the upgrades and great condition.

Posted: 4/15/2018 7:06:09 PM by Jon Martin

This was a nice coupe a couple years ago, and it has only gotten better since. It has some nice upgrades and all the stock parts which is always a plus. It's also a former Enthusiast Auto car (2013). The price seems fair to me for a well-sorted coupe.

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